Make your ITC work with WAAS 2021!

Ok so I was checking out TIK TOK, watching farmers turn millions into dirt, and dirt into millions.

And a nice lady pops up saying she has an ITC workaround. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The simplicity of the solution is both beautiful and…

Makes me want to buy a FENDT now so bad it is not even funny.

So its not that the ITC Won’t work at all or cant receive anything. They just upgraded the displays to not allow it to work unless you have a minimum of SF1 signal. So they built a little converter that changes the part of the message from WAAS signal to SF1 signal acquired from the ITC, and your back rolling with auto steer in 2021.

Deere, just unlock your tractors already you are making yourself look bad.

Finally found the link on youtube!
The ITC workaround


Link for the lazy

They’re in Stoney Alberta Canada. @BrianTee_Admin, because you’re in AB you must know them right?!?

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I was just going to post that! I am from Alberta too!

They seem to make a translator from John Deere (bad move) to every other brand. I should give this guy a phone call and tell him the real money is in making an F9P talk to everything. I am well on the way with a Trimble converter, but clearly these guys have got it figured out.

I sent him an email, lets see what he has to say.


Here’s some arduino Due code from a year ago that I wrote if you wanted to do it yourself:

I was also planning to email them and ask about the same thing. They are half way there with what they have already. Deere steers with industry standard GPS position PGNs.


Are we going to see the two companies in court? JD claiming the other company stealing their property. Perhaps another one with farmers blaming the same about JD. And the outcome being that farmers keep buying more JD, the brands with most publicity…

PS. we have one deere at our farm too

With a $14500 as the price quoted on Deeres website for RTK SF6000 competition is needed.

And hey in a couple years Deere will turn them completely off, cause one part of the message is not recognized. Bricked for the fun of it.

Ublox is a great platform.

I rather doubt it. Agri-GPS has been working with John Deere GPS systems and their CAN bus messages for years.

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I just talked to the owner of Agri-GPS this morning. I think they are on the right track, very exciting technology in the works.


You guys aren’t that far apart!

Are you sure it is a joint collaboration? Their website doesn’t say anything about it. Seams like they would use it as a selling point like reichhardt green fit does if that was the case but maybe not.

I think though similar they are very different.

Agri-GPS allows you to keep the equipment specific screen in the cab, use Deere Receiver on all brands.

Reichhardt puts the Deere screen in everyone else’s cab, using the Deere globe.

But yes it looks like both are run by German Engineer Uber Farmers. I guess space travel has lost its lustre and they are putting their efforts into farming now.

No I just mean they’ve been doing this sort of thing for years.

Fairly sure that they both have systems to get a John Deere monitor and receiver into another brand of equipment. Since Agri-GPS seems to be independent of John Deere it would be more likely that they would consider developing a third party receiver that would work with John Deere steering. Shouldn’t be to hard to do with enough resources. Leica had a system years back that would emulate a starfire receiver. .

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Deere clearly wasn’t happy with Leica, but I don’t think there was ever legal action. Leica didn’t offer it for long though.

That’s the one that also doubled as an AM/FM radio, the MOJO? If Austin Powers was a Farmer he would love it, Cranky! Probably only picks up the local amplitude modulation country station, do you guys get CFCW where your at? Bad joke, but anywhere in Alberta you could hear it.


I remember reading about it when I first started messing with RTK.

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There was something similar between Claas and Topcon. It was only about accessing their steering hydraulics (controller) if I remember right. A Topcon expert from the UK said they are the only third party supplier who were able to support steer ready Claas tractors. Claas had built some protection towards third party screens but Topcon succeeded hacking their interface. Claas was upset about another company accessing their tractors without their permission. I understand this was going to court but they did settle it somehow.

I wish the big names spent more time building competitive stuff rather than (almost) focusing on disabling competition.

We still run two of these(mojoRTK). One on our planter tractor that we use as a rtk receiver for our greenstar 2630, and one in our combine. Had them for probably close to 15 years and they still work great! We have a 3rd one laying around that I’m working on getting set up with my first AOG system.

They actually may be in the ahead of their time class. Imagine if they would of released them with sirius/xm as well. Agriculture has has a lot of instances of tech coming out way before people were ready for them.

Do they have a remote, or do you have to reach up to the Mojo each time to engage / disengage?

I think you’re right that they were ahead of there time. They have some cool features. Dual antenna, can work with 3rd party base stations, built in cellular modem for ntrip, and especially the ability to send an rtk signal into a greenstar system without the rtk unlock cost on the deere end of things is huge! They have a remote engage switch…

Wouldn’t you just use the normal autotrac engage button on the armrest? It’s just normal autotrac after all.