Manual Hydraulic “sensor”

Brainstorming how I will turn the painting in AOG on and off. I would like to rig up a switch or sensor that is operated by the manual hydraulic lever. Some way to determine if the hydraulic lever is pushed forward (implement down) then work switch in AOG is activated, when pulled back (implement up) work switch is deactivated.

Problem I see is that the lever remains in neutral once action is complete, for both raise and lower, so not sure how to properly capture the implement state.

Put the switch on your implement instead

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Considered that, but all of our implements are the same. A switch on the lever itself would make all implements work the same without requiring additional wiring on each.

What about potentiometer like WAS on 3 point hitch, it read angle relative to tractor, and more interesting can it be used as implement debt sensor?

When implement is on ground (concrete) 2.5V if its higher then turn off work painter, if under start painting. But if goes thru ADC or nano you can get that angle and calculate what’s exact angle/debt.

A WAS style sensor is going to give variable reading, not sure how I could properly convert it to an on/off

So think I have a farmer plan.

This is the linkage area I am working with.

Going to install a switch and 2 small tabs to flick the switch on and off and the lever is moved.

A simple NO/NC SENSOR on the hydraulic line

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If you need to adjust height of implement that will result in turning off work painter.

WAS style will give you 0 - 1024 signal in nano, if you say that implement is up in upper third and in work in buttom 2/3 (to eliminate different heights of implements).

Some form of IF (sensor) reads >683 turn work switch off, else turn it on.

But this works for 3 point implements that use it as work height. For other levers you need switch on implement or pressure sensors.

Alternatively a relay self hold could do it as well. Screenshot_20220703-082258_Samsung Internet|475x500

Do you have a part number for that? I was looking for something similar but couldn’t find

For our application though its either all up or all down. Agreed that if it needed to be adjusted during operation a switch wouldnt work.

Simple and cheap solution.