McCormick Mc115/CaseMX100c autosteer

I’m trying to sort out the autosteer for my tractor. I think I would prefer hydraulic as in a way I think it’s easy just plumbing into the hydraulics, but it gets daunting as it seems everyone does it a bit different. The posts from darrenjlobb have helped but I get a bit lost in the extra valves than just the proportional valve.

This is what I have so far:

My tractor is a McCormick Mc115 but is mostly identical to a Case MX100c ( have that one too, and I find the Case easier to look up parts with). It has 5 hoses on the orbital so from other posts here it means I have CCLS hydraulics. I have a front loader on my tractor so I have the power beyond block. It is very tight around the orbital so I would like to T into the loader power beyond hoses with the P, T, and LS. After that it seems like people do different things from T into the L/R steering, OR from the auto steer out to the L/R steering then out from the L/R to the auto steer again. But then there are counterbalance valves etc??!?!

I’m pretty new to the hydraulic systems and really just I want the simplest set up so I’m guessing an proportional valve could be the best but I haven’t found one yet. I’ve managed to source a Outback kit but for $1500 CAD for a bang bang valve, I thought maybe I can build with better parts.

With the HydraForce valve that is linked in other posts, if I order it what options do I get with it? The website shows many connection options?

Does Eaton have something similar?

I’ve reached out to the Fluid Systems autosteer and haven’t heard a response.

I’m also curious about Baraki New concept of proportional valves for OC and LS! new concept if it’s easy to source parts and put them together.

Any help or guidance on these matters would be appreciated.

Any parts sourced would need to be shipped to Ontario Canada.


I have a CaseIH mx110 that I plan to add hydraulic autosteer to this winter. I read a lot of post and belive that using Gorms PCB that is in development or cquicks looks to me to be the best options for hydraulic drive. Both these folks are coming out with new generation boards and both have lots of potential to creating a very straight forward hydraulic steer option.

Let’s stay in touch and maybe we can help each other along the way.