Mf 6265 lift control AIO v2.4 board

Hi, my aio 2.4 board and 3D printed motorholder are almost complete. I destroyed two cheap solder stations in the process and the board is a bit messy so I hope it will work.

Now I wish to add lift control to my MF 6265. It has a three position toggle switch in the seat handle. When toggle switch is in neutral middle position it is possible to use three button pairs to lower or lift the rear arms slowly, but they don’t work if toggle switch is in either low or high position. So I guess the toggle switch overrides those other controls and I should use it with Aog to lift and lower the implements. How could I build a simple system to control it with Aog in headlands but stil be able to use the toggle switch as well?

I guess it needs some relays? How to connect them? And where do I get the signals for the relays to activate in my aio board?

Any other things to consider?