MF 7400 series can bus

Has anybody had success finding the headland button code for this series and or activate it?
I ve found the lift status at 0x330 per attached and I also found the joystick status

Did you follow this guide?

on the 7400 the joystick is literally a cross lever to work 2 hydraulic functions and with 2 buttons on top to work a 3rd service, no other features on it

yes its very good but i used only the diagnostic can interface in teh cab i need to check on the 74 if there are other buses

Correct I don’t want to use the joystick buttons I want to use the headland management button if I can find it on the bus - quite possible it doesn’t appear on the bus also I guess.

i want to connect agopen onto mine too
unsure weather to go down the CAN route or just piggy back the switch

i wonder could we program something into headland management that could act as the trigger?

what i am hoping is that agopen will send a 2 second trigger on the implement control ,i will then connect to the HMS button somehow and set up all tractor functions on the HMS

@TeddyStamford thinks its possible

what is the implement control? Do you mean disconnect the button use it as an input to agopen instead and then use agopen to drive a relay that fires the headland management ?

use agopen to work the HMS
i for example could set the HMS to -
stop pto
lift arms
shut down revs
disconnect 4wd and diff lock
work a spool
on lift out at the end of a run.
the as your crossing the inner headland boundary
lower arms
engage pto
increase revs
use a sv speed

etc etc

Just like you can in the datatronic??

yes but how will you get agopen to trigger it? Im confused are you saying code the entire sequence in agopen and pump it onto the bus or take over the switch? I’m coming to the conclusion the switch signal may not be on the can bus - one way we could tell is if somebody had the mf dianostics

no just get agopen to trigger the tractors HMS
all agopen need to do is fire a 2 second “button press” into either CAN or the tractors piggybacked HMS button

sorry i came across wrong there :man_facepalming:

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Wich 7400 is it. We have a few standing in workshop i need to snif a 7s tommrow so maybe i can check

Not at all

But I don’t understand how your going to fire the trigger from agopen ?

7480 here would be good if you can confirm if the headland button is detected by the diag tool

Hopefully this

I will see if i can find it.

But I presume you’re hoping to send a can command or are you thinking of a relay to emulate the switch ?