MF6475 rocker switch

Anyone know how to connect up to this rocker switch to control linkage? Have been poking around with multimeter but not found anything useful! Found a very low res pdf of schematic but it’s in French :grimacing:


Will this work? Just leave the factory switch in neutral when using AgOpen controls.


Hi, thanks a lot for your help. I tried to test like your diagram. Think it is the new type switch.
I left switch in place but added some wires to pins 5,6 and 8. With a 1k and 330 resistors in line 6.
Touching 5 and 8 did nothing, but touching 5 and 6 made the ‘UP’ led flicker once and the linkage suspension light to come on. No movement in link arms though.
There’s another rocker switch behind seat I have not looked at yet. That might be easier?

That switch behind the seat is just the same as the ones outside (you don’t want to use those)

Did you unlock the hitch first so it works on the factory switch then leave factory switch in the centre?

You have to keep them touching like a switch (not just pulse them like a button)

Yes I rocked the switch both ways to unlock it, then left it in middle. Am I using the right size resistors? Have got 1k and 330 in series. Don’t I need higher than 3.49k to signal lift?

Do you have a picture of your switch wires/plug?

There is two different switches, if you disconnect the switch and measure the resistance (switch in the middle position)

Pins 4&5 = 560ohm or 332ohm I think.



The older switch converts to a new switch like your documents but in those new switches there is two types with the same pin layout just to make things tricky


Ok looks like the older type with 3 wires.

So measure the resistance unpluged from 5-4 & 5-6 in all 3 positions.

5 - 4 = 328 all positions
5 - 6 = 748 down and neutral; 473 up
4 - 6 = 1077 D and N; 803 U
6 - 7 = 1298 D and N; 1024 U


Try this? unlock then leave in centre (make sure hitch goes up & down with factory switch)

5 - 7 = Down
5 - 200ohm - 6 = Up