I have been asked to bring the micro version up to the 5.2. If you are interested, I would like to add a splash screen.

What I have in mind is a field that is distant with AGOPENGPS on in, then your robot hand holding an old school magnifying glass. In the glass you can see the row crop and the word micro.

And since I consider it art, either sign it at the lower right, or use AgOpenGps as a signature if you would rather not use your name.

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My vehicle is 100cm x 200cm, MicrOpengps
should i use it? So when you say Micro, did you design it for small vehicles? If so, perfect. Thank you.

Magic on the way!!

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Yes, it makes tighter turns, the points of a curve, boundary, and u turn are closer together. For large fields, and large equipment it is not worth it. So this is for smaller fields and vehicles.


Tried my hand at some photo edit. This is my poor attempt. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Here is link to the program. I’ve not messed with any of the INO files. Must get them from the main release.



Not bad, for your first try. For these programs, it is best, try many times, that and some youtube tutorials.