Microsoft Surface Go 2 : a good way to start ? (FR/EN)


Je souhaite débuter dans AGOpenGPS et suis à la recherche d’une tablette compatible avec le logiciel.
J’ai identifié la Microsoft Surface Go 2 qui dispose d’un emplacement carte SIM, d’une bonne luminosité, de Windows 10 et d’un port USB, le tout pour un prix abordable (~450€).

Quelqu’un aurait-il un retour d’expérience sur cette tablette ? Les performances sont-elles correctes ? Est-elle effectivement compatible avec le logiciel AGOpenGPS ?

Merci d’avance pour votre aide!



I’m new to the AGOpenGPS community and I’m looking for a suitable Windows tablet. I’ve been looking at the Microsoft Surface Go 2, which has a SIM slot, a good brightness, Windows 10 and a USB port. All that for a reasonnable price (~450 €).

Does someone have any advice or experience with that tablet ? Are the performances good ? Is it really compatible with AGOpenGPS software ?

Thanks for your help!


je suis pas sur que ca soit un bon choix le windows 10 est une version simpliste de tablette ou on peu rien installer

regarde pour une surface 3 10" ca reste une reference

I use a Go 2 (cheapest model) and it runs everything fine. I use a hotspot on my phone to provide internet. I have it on an open station tractor and I needed to build a sun sheild as you can’t see the screen in direct sunlight, and I bought a rugged case for it and anti-glare screen protectors. I have a cheap 4 port usb hub and haven’t had trouble.

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thanks minorplanets, i have a bad image of this pad but I m wrong

I use à S2 go connected by wifi to à rpy zéro w
(Rpy connected by Bluetooth to phone)
And it works perfectly
Buy few buck cigar lightler charger
Disable all auto shut down on the surface


Thanks a lot for your answer! In order to install the AGOpenGPS software, did you have to activate a different version of Windows ? I’ve heard that the Surface Go 2 comes with a “restricted” kind of “family version” of Windows and that you have to deactivate this mode to enter the “Windows Pro” mode. Is that correct ?
I thought the Go 2 comes with a SIM card slot in order to avoid the internet connection through the smartphone. Isn’t that the case ?

Hello François,

Thanks for your answer!
I read that the Go 2 comes with a SIM Card slot in order to avoid the internet access via the smartphone. Isn’t that the case on your tablet ?

Lots of Windows pcs ship with Windows S mode. You just need to turn it off so you can install software. Yes you’ll need to do that for Agopengps and keep an eye out for the unblock tick box on downloads.

Here in Australia at least, there were 3 models of the Go 2 available with varying processors and memory. I bought the cheapest, lowest spec version. No SIM card slot on it. It might have been on one of the higher spec options.

Has wifi, bluetooth etc so I just use the phone as saves needing another SIM card.


On mine it does not seems to have a SIM card slot, this is one of the first surface Go
(Anyway, I prefer to use the sim card of the mobile)
I’ve not been obliged to unlock functionalities for Windows 10. The only things I’ve done :

  • open the firewall on all ports (my configuration is full wifi)
  • disable all screen saver an so on
  • add virtual keyboard on the task menu