Mixing gnss receiver

Hi everybody. I’m impressed with this GPS solution and before ordering hardware i wanted to know something. Can the gnss receiver in the tractor be different from thé base station receiver.?
Thé idea is to have à f9p for base station and à à m8t in the tractor to keep à dgps solution if the ntrip correction is missing (internet connection défaut).
Thanks à lot for providing this amazing software

Being a legacy user of M8t, I would like to know the same.

But if you haven’t already got any hardware, I would just go with F9P for both…far simpler, no rtklib to have running reducing computer processor required.

You should be able to use different GPS receivers, as long as you make sure that they deliver the correct RTCM/observations messages to each other.
There will be less benefit using a F9P + M8t (instead of an F9P + F9P) because the M8t is only an ‘L1’ receiver and won’t be able to use the extra signals that the F9P can observe (L1 + L2). You will still be able have RTK precision with just L1 signals.