Mobile RTK / MRTK correction for JD without 4G modem


We’re running this setup since a while it seems to be working great.
It’s based on:
Oficial documentation is here:

So what do we need?
A John Deere tractor + SF3000 / SF6000 fully unlocked to RTK.
A JDLink with Active Subscription. (So we have MTG / internet)
Add an MRTK license on top of this (~400EUR for 5 years).

Have a base station other other correction services.
Register a domain / have a dns entry that has “jdmrtk” in its URL. (I bought as it was available and registered / :slight_smile: )

Then we choose the MTG option in the terminal enter our URL / port / password / base station.

Enjoy 3D-MRTK :slight_smile:

Video: (Hungarian on a Hungarian terminal maybe someone will produce one in english)

If you lose network for 15 minutes you can enjoy 3D-MRTK-X :slight_smile:

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