Motor Alternative

Hi folks, could this motor be a good alternative to the Phidgets?, It has comparable specs in papel, but im by no means an expert, im looking to buy a good reliable motor but the Phidgets is out of my budget right now…


looks like motor 5 or 6 would do. You would have to try it to see if it has enough torque.

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I tested such an engine and it gives advice.

Should be about 500 rpm if using a friction wheel on steering wheel

Hi Diego, I have been using the same motor type for two years now, since starting with the project. My motor is 2D30GN-C (12V/30W/1800rpm) with 2GN6K gearbox. It has been all good so far, enough power and speed for my application.

The only problem is that the gearbox makes a lot of resistance when tuning the steering wheel manually. I have the Phidgets motor in another tractor and it is a lot better in that sense.

Nice to know It could work well, un planning on using a 7 inch wheel behind the actual steering wheel with a 30mm Foam wheel on the motor and a clutch mechanism, i suspect i Will need less rpm and more Torque (?), im looking into this motor that i can find locally since internacional shipping Its not a good alternative these days!

I have a floater im planning on putting agopen on. so its like a semitruck im using the phigets moter how much will I have to gear it down to hook it directly to the steering shaft with a chain outside the cab

You’ll have to do the math on that.

Doing some retouch on the cad plans i got away with using the same 500 rpm, the thing is now i found a local vendor that has a nice 24v 50w motor with 1450rpm without a reduction (WoR) and 625rpm with a reduction (WR), that would give me 725rpm at (WoR) and 310rpm(WR) at 12v, im on the fence, please advice? As some of you already have experience with varios motors

I’m just unsure as to the power of the motor

Another question, the phidget has 24V and makes 580RPM at 5kg, but when it is operated at 12v it does not make max 300RPM at 2.5kg, the only consideration is whether a 12V motor with 300RPM and 2.5kg fits ?

I’ve been considering trying one of these direct drive or maybe reduce with a chain at 12V.

What is the best engine speed when there is a gear under the steering wheel?

A friend of mine has a 300 RPM 24v with 3D printed gear under the steering wheel. he used a motor, but he said it’s a little slow in U-turns, 500-550 RPM is ideal for me.

take a target of 2 turns of steering/second

after depend of gear ratio and torque and revolution by second required

me i use a steerring gear around 180 mm a motor gear of 30 so ratio 6
a motor of 2.6kg/cm and 1200 tr/minute

basic result means that i can transfert a torque of 0.43kg/cm and max turing speed = 3.33 steer turn/min
that work for JD tractor and claas tractor (and other )

Did anyone tried motor from car steereng wheel?
This is from corsa c