Motor driver test

Is there a way to test if the motor driver is working ?
When I was working last week the motor stopped driving and I do not know why.
I checked the motor itself and it works. Tested the autosteer switch, all powers, With another steer angle sensor… still not working until now.
Has anyone an idea ?

I have 3-4 motors drivers . One time it happened to me , I switched the driver and go on working ! ibt2 seems fall down more often than cytron . can’t test ibt2 but cytron have test button.
you can test if you have a voltage across the driver.

I’ve seen that you finally changed from IBT-2 to Cryton, I will probably do the same…

In the meantime I ordered a new IBT 2 and now it works again

Highly recommend the cytron driver. It is extremely reliable and have never had one go bad. It also has little buttons to test if it spins the motor.

There is a reason ebay blows out the IBT2 for next to nothing, it’s a long discontinued part of sub par quality. Although that said, some use it successfully.

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