Motor turns with min PWM at 0

Setup as follows

Micro 4.1 with cytron.

Phidgets motor running on 24v

AOG version 5.7.2

Setting up the steer settings, the motor turns even with min PWM is at 0. The slider does alter it, as ot gets slower as the scale decreases…but still moving at 0!

Trying to figure out what you are doing.
So autosteer is still on.(Because according to pic on telegram you have made freewheeling mod to cytron, so it cant be off)
And pwm is down at konstant zero(which mean you must be parked)
24 v you could possibly have two different GND points .

I will take more photos and videos tomorrow.

What do you need to know? See?

Don’t know exactly.
What happens when you turn off autosteer?
Does it even affect driving straight?

Turn off autosteer and autosteer turns off!

Motor freewheels using the mod.

I havent completed the steer settings enough to know if it is a problem, but in the short while i was testing, it was working reasonable well.

Then perhaps no problem.
I run hydraulic so can’t test your situation.
Try to find reason: set it at zero again and measure volt diff between your GND points.

Both 12v and 24v circuit are grounded on the battery.

Then I have only one more guess. Don’t have AIO pcb or motor.
But check cytron wiring one more time. (Guess is swapped right left wire and pwm wire.)

Min PWM at 0?
It’s normal for the motor to move.

The way PWM is calculated:
The angle error is multiplied by P(the proportional value)
If the error is not 0, the min value is added to it.

To have no movement you would have to put both min and P to 0.

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