Mpu 9250

Hello, im building my third autosteer system and due to the unavailability of the BNO080, i would like to try the MPU-9250. So did anyone try the 9250 or some other alternative and if you have the modified ino code please share.

Thanks in advance.

Backorder or make dual antenna system, BNO is most stable IMU thats works in vehicle, there is no cheap alternative IMU in close future.

This third autosteer is only gonna be used for the sprayer, so i only need roll from the sensor.

WitMotion has a little package WT901 that uses the MPU-9250 and has an ARM processor to do sensor fusion and filtering. It could be a decent IMU solution for AOG. Something to look at over winter.

Do you think with teensy 4.1 we can do it directly with only MPU9250 to make AHRS and keep similar phylosophy ?

Like this example GitHub - kriswiner/MPU9250: Arduino sketches for MPU9250 9DoF with AHRS sensor fusion?

That is what I am doing with the LSM9DS1. AHRS calculations in the teensy 4.1.