Multi coloured section painting

When I spread fertilizer at different rates, in the past with another program I was able to pick a different colour to “paint” with. Once the field was complete I could easily go back and see which part of the field had a higher/lower rate because it was a different colour.

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It can be any color as long as it is green :slight_smile:

But seriously, all it needs to do is include green since that is what section control uses. It does need to save color as well as position. A trick would be to limit it to a few colors and store a single integer that defines the color triplet RGB.


is a typical file for sections, so add a # on the end? How many colors? Its a request that has come up a lot over the time

Wonder if you could just store the color with the number of points in the patch, rather then with each patch points individually? that would be really efficient storage like 1%!

I’m thinking that 3 colours is about all that I would use. The green thing makes sense to me now that I understand that section control is looking for a green specifically.

So the integer after the section coordinates marks what currently?

I’m scared to say this, but maybe in future we have to think in layers. If someone down the road figures out how to make/import a yield monitor map for AgOpenGPS then we would have gradients all over the field.

Right now though, it would be sweet to be able to pick from say 3 different colours then take a screen shot after different rates are applied. This could then be overlayed on a Google Earth map and printed for reference. Really helpful for plot stuff when doing different test strips with plant population, insecticide, fertilizer rates etc.

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Keep the colors simple and green in AOG. But you can export colors to kml pretty easy. If the section was given a number code, fairly simple to read that code and paint differently in kml. Just a thought. In the section to kml that I did, I painted manual tool yellow and auto tool green. It just needs a list. My list is absolutely separate from the AOG section list. It builds another set of center line points as it drives. These points are painted wide in kml.

like idea of layers!


Yeap, it works. Just changed the vec2 to vec3 adding a rate color to each piece of section. The slider that is in the middle of the screen is set from 1 to 255. These are converted to bytes and the color is adjusted at the vertex level in the drawing. Only the red and blue sections are adjusted and to the same value. The green is not touched. So the AutoTool still works fine. Save and open was adjusted for the same vec3 read and write. What is missing is a different color for each section of the boom. That might be a bit more complicated.

Edit: Here is the section file. You will notice that it just has a number from 1 to 255 beside each point.

Sections.txt (23.6 KB)


Neat! Nice work Kent. So I’m clear, you took Red and Blue and tied their values together on the slider? Does this mean that you got the gradient by adjusting the slider while the sections are “painting”?

That is correct. Red and blue are set to the same value while green is left alone. Yes, this is done on the fly while you are "painting ".
Edit: Thinking about it, the rate color could be put on a toggle. Show rate or show normal. I worked on it further and moved the slider to the batman panel. I added a label to show the percentage. As fast as I could change it it would update with no delay. Really neat was that it reloaded the field with the same colors. I knew it should but it was neat.

If I recall correctly, what’s painted on the screen doesn’t have to be the same color as what’s painted in the lookahead off-screen buffer, or has that changed?

Back on colored apply. The individual sliders to the left of the screen control the color of each section. (Just three right now for testing.) These could be put in a panel and controlled like an equalizer board. The labeling is simple enough. Probably could be tied to the serial input from the pressure gauges on the boom (I’ve not got into that at all.) But yes controlable on the fly. I did turn supersection to false. But It does work and work well.




Fun stuff. I like the idea of tying the numbers 1-255 into the applicator/harvest equipment definitely some potential there. I wonder if we should make a long press on the manual apply button flip through 2 or 3 different shades instead of sliders. That way maybe we could go back and calculate the area covered by each particular shade.

I thought about both. Feedback from the equipment would need a larger range and to be able to view later. The application setting would need just a few clicks. The slider can be set to 3, 4, 10, or 255 clicks. Could all be done with an input, how many shades do you want?

Now the talk of layers is back. What we wanted to apply, what was applied, could be on the toggle. Lots of decisions for you guys during the video conference.

Could this be used as yield mapping in combine harvester? :thinking:

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Since it gets painted using its own color, it doesn’t matter what colour it is on the main screen.

Major trick is to keep it compatible with fields previously made

Or we can use it for variable rate control?

I can continue the list: Grain Mapping, Fertility Analysis (Conductivity) etc

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Old fields: What I did with the flags is, while reading the old file, if it did not have a count of 6 to read, create one and set the new value to default. This could be done the same, if there is not a count of 3 in the line, make one as default. I’m not sure what would happen if you open a new field with old software though.

More thoughts, separate the red and blue. The red could be your apply layer, blue would be harvest layer with feedback from equipment. If no apply setting or feedback paint default. Toggle to paint either or all on the screen. Shortcut to full layers. But it is doable.

Tried the rate view isolating red and toggle one and off. Below are the images. Same location, just stopped and clicked toggle. Toggle is nothing more than a track bar set to min 0, max 1, if 1 show rate, if 0 then default. It does not need the green in this screen. It is picking up the behind screen for autotool. I have both the green and blue turned completely off in the rate view. Crude layout in the batman panel. But as an experiment it works. This is not the individual sections that I put in the older version, but wanted to check it in the latest (1/17/20) version.


Wonder if that empty spot beside autosteer would be a good place for color of sections.

Setting color for each set of triangle strip points is quite time consuming as it has to be done thousands of times or millions per second rather then just being 1 color

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My desktop had no problem running it. My son’s old laptop had a small delay just as the slider was changed, but not other than that. I don’t know how long it takes to set the color. But would seem useless unless it was actually recording what is going on here. I’d like to put a flow rate meter on the boom and record what is being applied. If the rate view is turned off, then it paints normally and only when you click it on does it even change the color.

Edit: Back thinking again. If each section had mutiple values written at each point, then you could just click through what you wanted to see. Flow, pressure, speed, wind, fuel, etc. Instead of vec2 maybe vec10. Hmmmm, I’ll play around with it and see how it works.

Edit: I set up two additional layers on this one for a total of three.
Just for testing purposes, the first left slider, I called rate. the green color I set to the speed slide bar in the simulator (modified to 255 instead of 300), the new slider to the right, I called pressure.

I set left most selector to 0 paint (default), 1 is rate (red), 2 is speed (green), 3 is pressure (blue). Below is the screen shorts of the four settings.
Pressure (simulated)