Hi everyone.

Can people post photos of their pcb box if they have used a multiplug for the wires and cables in and out?

Mine is a bit of a spider just now with legs everywhere - a nice neat blug and socket would tidy it up immensely!


DTM 12 PA, one connector makes moving the box very easy. This connector is good for 16A.

Just a small harness is left in each machine.

The OEM connectors are pricy, but there are decent quality knockoffs on Aliexpress.

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Same here, PCB V2 right now with Usb, but im going to swap to UDP.
DT04-12PA For all my wires switches etc.
And a separate switch that breaks my signal 15 from the Tractor. (Which activates my relay and lets 30 power the PCB)

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Thanks. I think I’ll put a lead and Male plug on the enclosure side and fit a female socket in the tractor, for tidyness!

I like the look of those DTM ones.

Dtm works well sometimes too well, they lock very tightly which can be sometimes annoying. But still much easier than multiple connections. There is a couple spare wires left over with 12 pins, they are intended for sectional control comms if needed.

Moving to the weidmuller hasp lock style for future units.

Is your power in, power out, was, usb out all going through your dtm connectors?

What are those bottom connectors called?

Everything except usb goes through the DTM , will post my pinout when I get back to PC.

I see the others have moved to a larger USB connection at the box, this could be helpful. Already broke a couple usb mini’s right off at the connector. The larger connection might be a bit tougher, and less prone to falling out.

I was able to find it in searches like this, but it requires special crimping pliers which are FCI type, it is waterproof and robust, the other is industrial connector, just need screwdriver.

Like whiterose I like the possibility to use a screwdriver. At the moment I use 7 pole trailer connector plus USB and was in 2 other connections. My next will be the 13 pole connector. 13-Pin Trailer Plug Black Plastic 13-Pole Trailer Connector 12V Trailer Socket | eBay

Why are you both not putting usb though the multiplug ?

I hope either to do so in the 13 pole, or go udp

My favorite is always UDP.

Usb has many wires already, and its heading to the tablet. The tablet moves between machines. USB cables are cheap to replace and quick to connect.

Only the connections to equipment that stays in the tractor goes to the DTM.

So USB is the tablet connection,
DTM is all tractor connections,
Special power point in each tractor for the tablet adapter, wired with its own fuse and quick connect is also separate so it can be left on with the key off.
Put F9P in case on back of tablet mount so it moves with the tablet too, and is always connected to the same usb com port.

Seemed the least hassle to move / hotswap it at the time.

Depending on how easy it is to stuff the antenna out the window, some get permanent antennas some just get a mount plate or an reference X for a magnetic antenna.

My AOG steering box is an Ampenol ecu encosure. USB and ethernet through the c key connector, power in and out on b key connector, was and switch inputs on a key connector. Not the cheapest enclosure but it saves time on assembly.

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Does that use a different PCB board for AOg built to fit thst