Mystery electrical connector

Does anybody recognize this sensor connector? It’s a “shift angle sensor” by Honda. Very cheap, I would think it would make ok WAS, except I can’t find the matching connector. Internal cavity is about 0.8125" by 0.42"

Pins are about 0.2" spacing, 0.084" wide.

I thought this connection would fit, but the sensor is wider than that. And the pins are wider and more widely spaced. Plus no internal keying.

Not sure what it’s called exactly, but it is somewhat common. Here’s a matched set of pigtails:

I did an image search for “3-way automotive connector.”

These look like superseal, which he tried but said the sensor is wider.

Those are definitely super seal 1.5 in the links. I do believe they might have made wider terminals but I am not to sure. Try going to Mouser and looking through the parameter search on connectors, I have found a couple connectors that way but it is a long shot.

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I included a picture of one of those connectors and specifically said it didn’t fit. The sensor connector is wider, and the pins themselves are wider, and there is no internal keying.

That super seal has internal keying.

I’ve often thought a resin printer would be handy to make connectors like this. I’ve made some kinds of connectors with an FDM printer, but the resolution isn’t really fine enough.

You could try a 0.2mm nozzle?

Good idea. I think I’ll order some.

But I also am looking for an excuse to try a resin printer… can almost justify it.


0.2 mm nozzles are amazing for small details. Also a good quality FDM printer can do some impressive work compared to lower quality ones. I just got a Bambulab P1P and even with a 0.4 mm nozzle I have been able to print some incredibly small features with accuracy. Absolutely blows away my Ender 3.

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Give this Aliexpress store a look. Has quite a few variants. This is where I found the obscure connector for the WAS that I use.

Lots of SuperSeal here - I started making a mount for one, so I could attach the cables strongly to a box/plate, to prevent flex/wear.