Need help ordering parts

Ok, so im on my way to building autosteer, and im trying to get everything ordered that i need, if someone could help that would be awesome. Ive been working thru the wiki, and theres still a few things that are foggy to me. I’ll try to post one thing at a time, so I’ll start with my pcb. When i ordered, it had several limes with “shortfall” does this mean i need to find those parts elsewhere?

I will add, I’m planning on using a phidgets motor this spring, and building in hydraulic after planting season. And my pcb’s just showed up! How does it look?

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At the very least, if you’re only going to use one antenna, you’ll need to put headers for teensy, cytron, f9p, plus the 23-pin ampseal connector and two capacitors, circled in red.

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Ok, so itdoesn’t look like the capacitors are labeled on the board, do you know which part numbers off of the bom that i posted they would be? Also i have noticed that other boards ordered recently have c24, and c25 up there by the ampseal connector. Do i need to find those somewhere and solder them on?

I figured most of the missing parts were headers, I just want to make sure before i place an order for the missing parts that i get everything in one order. Thanks alot for replying.

All parts have the alternative tht labeled on back side.
But still mount missing tht parts on top side😃
Only the ones not mounted as smd.

The C24 and C25 are two capacitors the same as the ones that were on the v2 pcb, I put the link so you can see them:

they can be placed on top of the pcb and soldered on the underside

Oh ok, so I’ll just need 2 of those per board? Or 4. There’s another guy somewhere on here that is running into the same problems, but with different parts. I’m trying to use his thread for info but its just enough different that it’s not helping me alot.

Where i circled in blue is where they are labeled to go. So i just put them where you told me and not here?

Yes, when you ask for them to be assembled at JLPCB they are placed in the blue circle that you have painted, but if you weld them, they are placed in the red circle. You only need 2 per pcb.

Ok, where is a good source? Anywhere i look they are out of stock… thats the smd ones.

I don’t know what country you live in, but mouser and digikey have a large stock. You don’t have to ask for smd, you need them to have two legs so you can put them through the holes in the board and solder underneath.

Well I’m in the US, but when i looked at digi-key and mouser, there was one in stock at mouser, and it was smd. I didnt even see an option for the through pin one. But i think a fellow member is going to send me a couple.

You were probably searching for the smd part number, if you cant see the tht number in bom list for AIO board, then look for the 1000 cap in pcb v2 bom list.
Or ebay.


Thank you! Looks like theres plenty to go around :grin:

I picked the 25 v one should be 35v
But they are both well above 12v

So will the 25v work? Theyre kinda ordered already lol

I am sure you will never notice the difference :smiley:

Yes the one on the BOM are 25V, as long as its greater than the input voltage, you’re good.

Thanks, just put in the order yesterday and today for all the rest of the parts to complete one setup, so now now we wait for the mailman😁 in the meantime if someone has any hints tips, or ideas for a base station that i need to know, let me know.