Need help ordering parts

Simplest base station is a simplertk f9p plugged into a wifi ntrip master
Powered by usb phone charger
Corrections sent from my attic via home wifi to rtk2go

So no raspberry pi? I see theres an ethernet ntrip master too.

And does the base need a monitor plugged in constantly? Or can i use my steering tablet and get the base up and running, and then disconnect the monitor?

That is what we use. More expensive, but we thought it might be more reliable

Because I had an old atom tablet running windows , i just used the free strsvr part of snip.
So a ardusimple f9p with ublox ann mb antenna connected to the tablet by usb.

Thanks for the info, do i need a separate computer? Or can i use the screen a got for my rover? Surface pro 3 i believe

The base antenna is on roof of our house.
Strsvr must run continuesly, using my atom computer to send rtcm messages via our wifi router over internet to rtk2go (NTRIP) and then rover f9p in tractor get the messages from internet and calculate RTK. (Using ntrip in aog or lefebure on phone. I use lefebure on phone sending by Bluetooth to Bluetooth xbee on f9p.

My system probably use more power, than a pi or a esp32 wifi woud use.