Need help with building my own agopengps autopilot

Hi guys. Im from Ukraine. We have a lot of tractors on our farm and ive just started to think about assembling my own system. I really appreciate what youve been doing here. Im beginner. I wanna start with my NH T7 2018 and i wanna run it with some hydraulic system. But to be honest i dont know how to start. Can somebody list or just help somehow…what and where should i buy… i mean eg. Where to buy a terminal and what kind to choose…and valve and ready pcb and whatever i need to assembly it. And finally how much can it cost??
Thanks for your help.
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hello, I’m also from Ukraine. i am also building my system for NH t5.110. I bought the spare parts listed in the wiki on AliExpress. could not order the pcb from jlcpcb, as they do not collect and send the collected pcb to Ukraine. You can only order a printed circuit board without spare parts from them. I assembled the board on a board with holes for soldering according to the diagrams I found on the wiki. so far my system works on the table) I am currently printing the potatofarmer gear and will install it on the tractor in the next few days.

Anybody else to give advise about hydraulic system

If you want to install an hydraulic valve, best is to use @baraki s valves.
He is from Poland I think, I don’t know how easy it would be to source from him.
He would be able to tell what type off valve to use.

If you want to mount something on your own you must have some understanding in hydraulic systems.
It must be a proportional valve.

Hi thanks. Just the biggest problem is to build the complet pcb which will be suitable for hydraulic steering system… i look for some info how to do it step by step…

Do you need a GNSS autonomous driving system, maybe a steering wheel and a tablet and some other sensors.

Hi…i dont wanna have steering wheel…just valve steering

The V2 / V4 PCB is basically a few jumper away from hydraulic steering.

Everything is on the wiki/GIT repository as David linked