New Motor drive

Has anyone used this ? Or really it would not give many benefits in comparison to the motors adapted to the steering wheel that are used today?

Clean install, but a lot more money. Looks like driver built in. Is that correct?

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Yes has a built-in driver. Appears to support Can bus and also RS232. RS232 would be ideal for AOG. these units appear to be nearly identical to the steering wheel motor offered by Outback. I guess we know where Outback gets them from! I bet this wheel would work with the Outback GPS system directly (same can bus protocol). Seems oddly expensive, but seeing as dealers are selling the Outback version for $4000 USD, quite a deal.

Very interesting and very tempting. There are two versions of this wheel, a 50 amp max version and a 15 amp max version. Obviously one has a lot more torque. With power steering on a tractor, I wonder if the lower power version would work.

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Although it is a brushless motor, it could work with a box designed for 3D printer?

I am new around here, so I take this opportunity to greet all the members, and thank you for all your efforts

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Hello, the driver is built in the motor. and it support RS232 and CAN communicate. and the latest price is 799$.

Hello, can you make us a very good special price? If we have good price then we can test. If they work well you sell more because other people see them working.

At present, we are exploring the international market for this autosteer motor, we will provide discount for first test sample, and we will provide 10%- 45% discount for bulk order.

Please provide your email address, I will send you the motor detail datasheet via email. and my email address is

Hello Nancy.

My friend ordered that motor and he has a lot of problems with it.
Firmware has mistakes and he can’t find mode apropriate for autosteer.

Is there any who we can contact for details about motor?
Datasheet lacks of information.

We don’t want to talk with sales any more becouse they don’t know how motor works.

We need someone more competent to talk.

Hello @daner

Does your friend or you have solved yours problems with this motor ?

For CAN protocol, your motor seems to used CANOpen. This protocole is painful to use for makers.
Do you have a version with a more simple or more more widespread like CAN J1939 ?


Hello, he is still working on it.But i think he is close to make it work.
We will se for a month or two.
We have other jobs , can’t play with it all the time.

Hello, Daner, although I talk to a lot of clients everyday, but I think I know who are you, because you are so special, how infuriating and memorable is our history of communication.

We talk about the 10pcs trial order price this week, and we confirm your motor work well now, we should tell the truth.

Hello, the motor can’t support CAN J1939, sorry about that. and the motor support CAN2.0. if you are interested in this motor, kindly send me email freely. I will provide the motor detail user manual.
my email address:


Only place you have comunicated with me is on this forum.
You have talked to my friend.Not with me.

When i say we are close , i mean we are close to make it work with agopengps.

It needs lots of testing before we put it in tractor.

Im also waiting for Alan Web’s sketch for wasless drive to test also( if he wants to share with us).


Thank for you answer. I understand that the motor support CAN2.0. But CAN2.0 norm cover only the layer 1 “Physical” and layer 2 “Datalink” from OSI Model : it doesn’t give us any information about how the upper layer are covered by the motor: CANOpen, propriatary protocol, other ?
According to the datasheet of the motor that is available here, if this is the good one, the communication protocole over CAN used is CANOpen:

But for makers like us, using CANOpen is really painful and doesn’t have any interest.

So it’s why I was asking if CANOpen is the only protocol over CAN supported by the motor ? Does the motor support an other protocol over CAN that are “more simplier” than CANOpen to implement ?

I’m not particulary asking for J1939.
J1939 was just an example of a protocol that I have in mind when I speak of “simplier protocol of CANOpen”.