New Schematic for Non-PCB users

Hi all,
I made a new fritzing project with a compatible schematic for the Latest INO sketch, to try AgOpenGPS without first making a PCB. The old one on the wiki isnt compatible thru the wiring with the PCB ino sketch.
But this one is.Agopengps schematic 4.3.x.x_bb


However, remember that this version only works well on the workshop table. On the machine, however, all these capacitors, diodes, etc. are needed, without them, interference causes stability problems.

Any chance you could label each of the boards. ie, voltage regulator, brings the 12 volts down to the required 5 or 3.3 volts, and then give a legend for the wires, +12, ground, signal etc. Thanks, great work, it helps us to know the basics before we get into the pcb. Makes diagnosis of pcb problems later easier is you understand each component.

This is version 0.0.2… the first one wasn’t even complete. I will update the pic next days… getting better and better :slight_smile:


Ok for the schematic, be careful of I2C levels between
What about adding a 12 C to 24 V converter to supply the power side of IBt_2
(for 24 V motors) ?