Software Problems

ive set all that up, but it says Oops NC on some versions of 3.0, only v4 is working, also on v4 its only showing single numbers input back from the wheel angle sensor so its not getting any input back from it, is it possible to fix the single numbers or?

Oops NC is only a matter of com ports (for the Nano) in windows.
Until around 4.1 the autosteer_switch should work.
4.3.10 demand its own ino and also the Ads1115.
It is OK to connect to AOG even without a WAS or Ads1115, just the steering numbers don’t move.
Watch videos, some shows which numbers are what.
Also you might experience that AOG freeze, if you connect wrong com to gps receiver port. Find solutions about freezing elsewhere in the forum.
Remember to disconnect /shut down arduino program, before trying to connect to AOG.

If that’s the case then why isn’t it picking up the wheel sensors input in AOG? It’s only showing single numbers with Autosteer_switch and AOG can’t recognise it

To understand you I need a picture telling where you see the problems

Ill send a photo of the things I’m talking about and our setup, currently at school now, also if I wanted to integrate the PCB is it gonna make a big difference or?

I started 2018 same way as you, uncertain it could ever work.
Today AOG 4.3.10 and PCB, certainly work well, and a lot easier for us to help because many connection faults are eliminated. There is a lot of how to on the forum, just use the magnifying glass at the top. You might find this :slight_smile: PCB (V2) Assembly Video first post in the thread.
At the end of the video it’s showing how to set up system in AOG v3.xx
Remember not to buy the mma, as the bno085 or cmps 14 mentioned elsewhere, have replaced it.
Again watch videos and use program in Sim to learn.

so i should buy the bno085 PCB? would that work fine if i follow the youtube tutorials listed, also where did you buy your PCB from?

Search is your friend. Getting started category is good too Documentation of my way to autosteer
You might also like this one : New Schematic for Non-PCB users
Note: Autosteer work ok without any of the components that add roll or /and heading, first setup of steering-settings could even be easier without them.

Ill setup with that schematic that you listed and ill update how it goes, thanks for sending that though, very much appreciated

did the new Schematic and everything is working fine on our version, wasn’t working on etc…, more than likely because we do not have a ADS module, only issue I’m getting now is when I turn left and it recieves negative input from the wheel angle sensor the motor stops spinning, perhaps a issue with the wheel position zero and gain in AGOPENGPS?, but everything else is working :slight_smile:

Do you mean AOG version 4.4.xx?

Last working in real life is AOG version 4.3.10
The coming v4.4 or what it might be named, is still for test only (mainly in SIM I think)

v4.4 is for test, and he needs a new .ino., people are working on it :wink:

Use last release 4.3.10

no i meant that the versions V4- 4.3.1 wasn’t picking up steering angle sensor but everything else was working, because we don’t have a ADS module it would do that? but all the Version 3 builds work, just got to fix a issue where the motor doesn’t spin when the wheel turns left and the input becomes negative

You need ADS

If you mean don’t spin in ver 3, when it has to turn left, could be because you chose cytron in setup, instead of ibt_2

I’ve chosen IBT2 driver in the setup for that versions code, but only spins one way, also it’s going way past the readable limit (-100) showing up in the steer section under auto steer, but if i move it a litte, like ( -6 ) itll move that way, perhaps ive messed up something with wheel zero point or?

Do you have zero from WAS at some point? Hopefully when driving straight ahead.

Adjust numbers pr degree
Adjust in AOG the maximum degree it is allowed to turn each way

that’ll fix the issue with the motor not turning left? also yeah i get 0 when wheels are dead straight

Can you show a picture of the Auto Steer page? To see green lights, WAS, and PWM value? From there can tell what it should be trying to do.

do you mean the Serial ports page? or the Auto steer page with the WAS settings?, also where do i adjust the maximum degree it is allowed to turn?