New to AOG. Need help on PCBs


I’m planning on using the AOG in my Valtra n111. I was thinking of initially just using the Ardusimple rtk2b to just get a guidance system, and maybe later ad auto steer. I know little about the auto steer PCBs though. Does the PCBs also have the rtk/f9p chip mounted on it? If they have then maybe it is better to just get that PCB straight away?

I am new to this so sorry if it is not clear what I mean…

Check this out

Thanks! Is it correct that I could start of with buying the standard rtk2b and then later on mount it on the 4.5v standard PCB if I want to have auto steer?

Yes, correct.

Is there anyone on this forum that offers an assembled AIO v4.5 standard? Buying 5 from jlcpcb is a bit expensive…

Some of these have the option of only getting a circuit board.

Where are you from?
There are multiple stores that sell you assembled ones. I came across these allready, but i suppose there are others.

I live in Sweden. I will check if they ship here. Thanks!

This one is from the Netherlands. RayCorp WebShop