New to this

I’m new to this whole gps world I have had a little gps use with agleader but I’d like to have something different and ran across this and downloaded it and not I’m intrigued!!! I don’t know anything about the controls but I wanna learn. And any help would be amazing!

I’m just going to point you in the direction of another similar thread

Welcome! You’re in the right place, Brettb posted a helpful topic link. The search bar works pretty good too. You might find it helpful to read some more background on AgOpenGPS | The Combine Forum . Also take some time to go through the old wiki and soon there will be a brand new wiki that is much more up to date.

I have been looking for the old wiki. I know it’s outdated. It was extremely helpful with the links to hardware that can be used. Everything in one place. The link didn’t work for me. Are we in between wikis now? I know it takes a lot of work to keep it up to date. Thanks

The gh-ortner link just above is the wiki

That is what it says when I click on link from my Android phone.

I am on android too, it works here but I live in Europe. Maybe your browser blocks it?