New with old

Hi Everyone. I stumbled across Ag Open after looking at various options. I have followed all the steps on

This lead me down the route of building the most simple set up from this Schematic

I then followed the Link to Git Hub and downloaded the latest version. As I don’t have the PCBv2 what arduino code do I use for the schematic above?

I’m finding many versions and different set ups that do not match up. It may just be me being stupid but Ive tried various versions and can not get the steering motor to move.

If anyone has a link for the correct Arduino code for the Schematic above that would be much appreciated.

There are several threads here somewhere describing the issue you will have. If you check the arduio code (AutosteerPCBv2) , just below the setup area i think, you will see the pin definitions.They need altering slightly to match that schematic.

This bit…

//////////////////// *********** Motor drive connections **************888
//Connect ground only for cytron, Connect Ground and +5v for IBT2

//Dir1 for Cytron Dir, Both L and R enable for IBT2
#define DIR1_RL_ENABLE 4 //PD4

//PWM1 for Cytron PWM, Left PWM for IBT2
#define PWM1_LPWM 3 //PD3

//Not Connected for Cytron, Right PWM for IBT2
#define PWM2_RPWM 9 //D9

//--------------------------- Switch Input Pins ------------------------
#define STEERSW_PIN 6 //PD6
#define WORKSW_PIN 7 //PD7
#define REMOTE_PIN 8 //PB0

Thank you Alan
I will give that a go and get back to you!

Maybe you can get some help from this topic.
Also be aware that pcbv2 ino demands steerswitc pin to be low to activate autosteer (wire or closed switch)

Also be aware of the pin for was. Is it on adc converter or direct to arduino.