Novatel Smart7 drop in replacement

Backstory: About a year ago i started experimenting with a drop in replacement for Trimble AG382. The goal was to create a cheaper alternative. Allthough dealing with TSIP turned out be a big pain, i managed to get it working with minor hiccups. Trimble AG-382 TSIP

Recently i got my hands on a Novatel Smart7, which turned out te be a game changer. It only took me about a day to get a first prototype running.

system layout: F9P <-> STM32 <-> Fendt/STW VD03

F9P: RTK GNSS solution, time source
STM32: bridge between F9P and Fendt. responds to Novatel commands/logs and forwards rtcm to F9P
STW VD03: genuine AGCO, part of Fendt Autosteer contains modem/ntrip client, gyro, …

My main goal was to get a 100% working drop in replacement working on Fendt. Once installed all settings can be done within the vario terminal.
So far all tests were successful, i will keep on testing/experimentig.


Sounds interesting.

So this would replace the smart7 when it is broken ?

You are using the original Fendt autosteer software?

Would you like to share more details (protocols/code/…)?

I would expect no need to wait for the Smart7 to get broken. The tractor can be ordered without the GNSS receiver.

Haha yes. Ok.
So it would make the factory GPS installation cheaper :+1:

hi, great job! Can you tell what commands the receiver exchanges with the controller? How can I make the controller take the receiver for a Smart 7?

hi, great job! Can you tell what commands the receiver exchanges with the controller? How can I make the controller take the receiver for a Smart 7?

Smart7 talks Novatel Commands & Logs

And would you like to share a little bit more?

I don’t really understand this, maybe you can give me a ready-made solution?

This is still in developing phase. Same features/options are not fully implemented yet. At this point i am not able to share a solution.

This is WIP, at this point i am only able to share pictures. I will however try to answer questions.

To get it recognized as Smart7 u need some kind of man in the middle. I used the STM32 to respond to controller requests and forward GNSS data. But any mcu with at least 2 uarts will do the job.
Smart7 has 3 serial ports (115200 8 N 1): COM1 logs/command, COM2 not used, COM3 correction data

Data exchanged is humanly readable, all ASCII no encryption/obfuscation. Pretty simple and easy to understand. ASCII Header is a good starting point. It might look something like this:
Controller: “log rtkassista”
Smart7: “#RTKASSISTA,COM1,0,81.0,UNKNOWN,0,1.252,02440000,5db3,15833;ENABLE*f0a99372”

Collection of all Command/Logs

Initialization will look similar to: (CRLF, ACKs and serial redacted)


C: interfacemode com1 novatel novatel on
C: unlogall true
C: log hwconfigtablerawa
S: #HWCONFIGTABLERAWA,COM1,0,80.0,UNKNOWN,0,1.408,02440000,ed5f,15833;0,1023,1,77,2*e020a574
C: log versiona
S: #VERSIONA,COM1,0,80.0,UNKNOWN,0,5.918,02440000,3681,15833;1,GPSCARD,“FFNRNNTBN”,“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,“OEM7700-1.02”,“OA7CR0603RN0000”,“OM7BR0100RB0000”,“2019/Aug/15”,“08:21:01”*xxxxxxxx
C: serialconfig com3 115200 n 8 1 n on
C: interfacemode com3 novatel novatel on
C: interfacemode com3 none novatel off


C: unlogall com3

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Still would love for you to pull back the curtain a little further on your project here! Any fendt specific handshaking involved? Are you planning on selling your f9p adapter? If so, I would be interested.

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