Trimble AG-382 TSIP

Anybody tried to replace Trimble AG-382 with e.g. F9P?

AG-382 uses TSIP @115200 baud
received packet ids so far: 0x41, 0x46, 0x4b, 0x65, 0x82, 0x8b-02, 0x8f-a7

Can’t find anything usefull about packet 0x8b-02 and 0x8f-a7.
Anybody able to provide documentation about these packets or AG-382 in general?

Ive just about got one almost finished. Currently driving around trying to find bugs.


Which TSIP packets do you use?

0x8b-02 seems to be Position Sigma Information

TSIP is an engineers dream, very over complicated. Not all TSIP is the same the guidance dictates the connection requirements.

This converter is snapped up by agra-gps, so I cannot divulge too much on its code.

All the documents you need can be downloaded directly from Trimble Website, they have a TSIP Manual and a suite of TSIP reference material available free of charge. Also found more info by reading their manuals unrelated to the ag receiver.

Its not a direct 1:1 data conversion from UBX to TSIP, much transformation of the data is required.

I started coding C in October, started the version for 250/500 in January. Hopefully will be fully vetted and released by next year.

I now have a Topcon unit in a combine available to me, so that is the next receiver to decode.

I read TSIP Reference, multiple revisions of Trimble Standard Interface Protocol and everything else I found on the Trimble website and by searching the web.
But information/documentation about 0x8f-a7 is nowhere to be found. it varies in length, pretty sure byte5-8 is time of week

Your questions seem laser focused on very specific messages on this forum. You will have no problem figuring this out with that attention to detail.

I could only find one reference manual for one TSIP revision on the Trimble website, that google could track down. I have searched exhaustively for others.

If you have multiple versions of the TSIP manual at your disposal you are truly at an advantage, I am starting to think you work for Trimble?

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If I had any relation/connection to Trimble I wouldn’t be asking for information.

Some progress was made today. Took me same time to realise time of week is a double (64bit).

Fill out your bio lets get to know you

Time for an update. For the past year i kept working on this project every now and then. It took a lot of trail and error and reverse engineering, but i got it running with minor hiccups. TSIP is a big mess. A lot of messages are device specific, some are not documented (not publicly accessible). For now i am done with it.

Recently i got my hands on a Novatel Smart7. With a fully documented API, it took me about 1 day to get a first prototype running.


Does this Smart7 speak TSIP or are you trying instead to replace a Novatel Smart7 in whatever autosteer system is in the picture there?

What is the role of the STW TC3G? Receive NTRIP signal? This module has RS232, GPS, CAN, Motion sensor, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Novatel doesnt speak TSIP (thank god). Goal is to create a cheaper drop in for Fendt Autosteer, which is shown in the pictures. Fendt Autosteer will run with Smart5, Smart7, AG382, TopCon…

Its part of Fendt (AGCO?) Autosteer. Modem with NTRIP-Client, Gyro, VarioDoc, GNSS receiver interface

I agree TSIP is way to nuts, all this work and I still have to do end turns and squint to see the screen.

Amazing work. Can you explain where does the RTK / centimetre level authorization come from? Is it from the STW box or does the GNSS receiver need to inject some info? Thought it would be protected by some RSA or the like and difficult to solve for the third party.

The status page shows GPS + Glonass satellites, is that just a Fendt UI issue as the OEM product too supports all constellations? 12 satellites only because of the NMEA message limitation?

The white box on the right contains a modem/NTRIP client, its just plain RTCM forwarded to F9P. All clear text, no encryption/obfuscation.

Older receivers such as AG382 only do GPS+Glonass, UI is not updated i think. I am using GPS+Glonass+Galileo+BeiDou to get a solution.

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I would love to have more information about what you did here! Great work!

As this is no longer about Trimble/TSIP i opened a new thread.
Novatel Smart7 drop in replacement

@sk239 Which details in particular are u interested in? Please use new thread.

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I take it you found your way here from following a link from YouTube welcome.

Hi did this get commericalised? Is it possible to buy the convertor. I got lost in tsip and had to give up. While I use AOG now in main tractor still have a 500 that would be good to breathe new life into!