Offset after copying AB lines from one field to another

This one does it outside of a boundary. If you have a previous field with an ABLine, when you close it, it will build ABLines.KML. Open AOG and start new field. Click the ABLine button. This will open the dialog, Click the folder and navigate to the folder that contains the field you have the ABLine in. You are looking for ABLines.kml. That should do it.


To answer your question about the big field. I create one large field that contains the few lines that I want consistent in all the fields. Then if I need to build a smaller portion of that field, build the small field and import the lines and go. The big field just becomes a template to hold all the lines. I have a graphics import that I can show the big field if I wanted to .

A big challenge is having a program set up to do all the options for all the unique needs of everyone. It gets so complicated that at some point you just have to say, this is what it does, and if you want more you do what KentStuff is doing - customizing


Yes, I like to make it do what it is not supposed to do. Just to see if it will. Most of it is never intended to make it into the release. But if I happen to stumble on something that more than a few can use, then that is all the better.

@KentStuff if you want some more ideas of something to try, I’ve been thinking a neat feature would be to sort the list of ab lines and ab curves by “distance from current position to the position of the original ab line or ab curve.” This way when I am in a field with lots of ab lines or curves, I can simply hit the cycle lines button and it will cycle through the lines starting with the line closest to my current position.

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That’s a great idea! Then when we’re driving around the outside, the next AB is only one button press away.

It works, but not as you would expect. In the image below, all the ABLines were drawn in ABDraw form. Generally the right side was picked then the left. The A point is on the left boundary. So if driving the left boundary, then it works OK. But, if you were driving the right boundary, you will have a terrible time selecting which is closest. I have all the reference lines turned on in this picture.

So measuring to the closest reference line, not the orign point works much better.

@m_elias What I have found most frustrating is to cycle the line and it turns the wrong way. It should be able to turn right or left by default. Currently it turns to the least resistance. In the picture below, if driving the boundary on the right side, and approaching the dark red line, it will turn to the right out of the field. The second line is not that way, least resistance is into the field. I’ve built a hack for the ABLine, but not for the curve. I’ll try to dig it up and post it.


Here is the sorted program if you want to try it. I’ll keep it up for a few days then delete it.

Use this one it sorts to the closest line but not the one you are on.

Another edit:
Now if you cycle through within 5 seconds, it will scroll through them in order of the distance. After 5 seconds with no click it will re-sort them. @customfordfan “It is getting better and more usable. Starting to see where it could be very usable for small crops in small groups.”


I’d be turning AutoSteer off briefly while maneuvering the corner.

Which version of AoG do you use? A release or the master?

I start with a current master and hack it to do what we need.

Sounds cool! I’ll have to find some time to try it out. Does it work with ab curves? We farm on the contour and so one field can have 15 ab curves. It would be super neat if I could find them by location

It is just abline right now. I’ll see if I can work on curves.

Tried the ab line sorting. Looks great! Good work!

Here is the one with curves to try. I shortened the head and tail extensions. Give it a try and see if it works in the field.

Well I tried it in the simulator, and it works great! I wont be able to try it in the field until fall harvest, but if it works as well in the field as it works in the simulator, that would be an absolutely amazing feature, and super useful for our farm! Maybe something @BrianTee_Admin would consider adding into the next release?

Most likely will be switching to dot net 5.0

Another adventure in learning.

Well, back to school. Be easy on us.

Been doing some homework. Are you planning on a fresh build or a port over update to 5.0. Are you planning on taking it all the way to android compatible? I’ve tried to bring them up to 5.0, with only some success with AgDia, and AgIO. AgOpenGps gets part of the way. Then visual studio decides the it doesn’t have 5.0. I’ve attempted to start with a new 5.0 base and start imparting each of the components. That is over my head at this point. I’ve got them moved over, but they are not linked to a common program. Just curious.

The dotnet 5 branch has the latest code. I’ve been running into some issues where stuff - like charting (Steer Angle Graph) is no longer supported and some of the menuing as well. There are some open source fixes but am unsure if any of this is worth it. It only makes it much harder for others to program their own ideas.

Last thing i want is make something difficult even more difficult.


Took a tour though the code and running it a bit. I see some of the conflicts. ABDraw is too big. Contour edit is too big. It appears just minor things. Code is not that much more difficult than it was. Looks like my biggest mistake was “net5.0-windows7.0” I was missing the -windows7.0. Nice start!

I wanted to quote this above. But I give it two thumbs up.

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