Older Ford Hydrostatic System

Has anyone converted an older Ford tractor via hydraulic steering and AOG? I have 4 of these ranging from 7710 to TW35 that are all the same basic steering system and would like to utilize @baraki type valve if possible or something similar.


My OC valve will work very well with your tractors.

Great. Iā€™m thinking you ship to the US? What is the cost of the valve and would you have a diagram of how to plumb it in?

Thanks you.

Yes, I ship to the US. The price is $640 + about $80-100 shipping

Thank you, that is even the picture out of my repair manual i was going to post!

Whag is the lead time on the valve as i am just getting started on aquiring all the electrical parts so I can start understanding and playing around.

On a side note, how does this work when you are going down the road or not using the u-turn option at the the turn rows? Do you need a disengage button or just dont have the autosteer button engaged on AOG/turn it off durinf u-turns?

Thanks again.

To switch to manual steering, just move the steering wheel and the pressure sensor will disconnect the AS. In practice, you take the steering wheel in your hands at any time and steer. I also have all the necessary electrical parts.


That was what i was thinking but wanted to make sure. @baraki I sent you what i thought was a message but unsure if that is how this forum works.

Thanks for your time.

@baraki do you have a website to order from or what is the correct way to go about ordering a couple of these valves and associated electrical parts needed? Would like to setup 2 tractors for now and possibly more later.