Can someone please explain the difference between opengrade,opengrade x,opengrade 3D

Opengrade was created by brian himself, and runs over usb only. OpenGradeX is the most advanced, and developed by @BlackAce. It runs over udp/wifi. Both are only 2d, only show height and length. So they are suitable for digging a ditch, where you’re digging a single line, not a plane like a field.

OpenGrade3D is developed by @Pat, and is 3 dimensional. So it will work for full field leveling. I believe that some GIS software is required for designing the intended field grades.

Searching “OpenGrade” on here shows lots of info.


Thanks David what am trying to do is follow the existing path of a driveway with undulations and map it then apply stone at the same level

Well, if I were you, I’d pursue OGX.

OGX or Opengrade would work nicely for this.

With Opengrade you must plug the GPS receiver through USB and machine control though a second USB if used.

I’m less familiar with OGX but I know it works over Wi-Fi. Probably a nicer setup on the long term but more work to assemble.

OG is a fast setup, especially if you already have an F9P in standard format.

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Thanks pat i will investigate further,is the wifi for the antena