Opinion on embedded computer UP board

Hello everybody !

I reflect on the installation of an embedded computer UP board. It’s look like a raspberry but compatible with Windows OS. It Can be interessant with a touch screen on the armrest for example.

I think i wana buy the UP squared serie, with a duo or quad core ans 4gb ram.

What do toi think about that ?

Thanks a lot!

I think it will cost more money then buying a second hand windows tablet or toughbook, you can look up the options on the forum.
High quality screen is not cheap as well.
That is my personal opinion.

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I agreed with you ! But i have did my time with windows tablet and the quality of the screen is not really good with sunny conditions and other thing…
The other point is the connexion of tablets (like usb slots or DC power slots) are not really resitant to use full time on a tractor cab…

I really want a reliable system and i’m not really satisfied with windows tablets…

For the screen i want to use this type of touch screen : Écran tactile 12 pouces (multi-touch)

The total cost for computer + touch screen is about 700€

The Panasonic CF-D1 is plenty bright enough in sunlight, and it is extremely robust.

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for the screen it is a false good idea it is a fragile model with a very shiny screen I had one we do not see there really good with the reflets I think more to do the opposite and buy a panasonic tablet even if it’s expensive

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A screen expose to sun , you may need 800-1000 nits at least . But position and anti glare can help .
Connection with usb A are more robust .
I like your idea , but a little more expensive than tablet and you still have the integration to vehicule problem.

My CF-D1 cost £150 off eBay. They are as low as £70 if you can manage without a battery in it, and a few port covers missing.

I’m in contact with this supplier: FT121TMIP65HB Faytech Panel PC | Integral System

I wait for the cost of 10" screen IP65 with a +1000 nits luminosity ! As said Tooki57, it can be better in sunny condition with this high luminosity.

The commercial give me a price around 350€ for the 10" screen.
I come back to you when i have the exact price.


It looks like it is Faytec that makes the 12.1 you have asked for price. They also makes pc, maybe ask for a price on this?

So for the 10" screen with +1000 nits, it’s 369 euros duty free. FT10TMIP65HB Faytech Panel PC | Integral System

Yes Larsvest tjr supplier is Faytec. But it range of PC is build for the industry, and also heavy industry so i think the price is not really advantageous for us… If i re-contact de commercial i can ask him.

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Another interesting sbc is the Odyssey from seeedstudios. ODYSSEY - Single Board Computer

Has a built-in arduino also.

I dunno about the utility if a sbc and screen vs a tablet/laptop.

I’m personally still looking for an e-ink like screen (but faster and affordable) that’s reflective and easy to read in sunlight, even if it’s black and white. I much prefer the old LCD displays to modern displays for readability even if they were primitive. No one seems interested in this sort of display these days other than the niche market for ebook readers.

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