Panasonic FZ-G1 with integrated GPS


I started to work on the project to build AGopenGPS to equip one tractor.
I am at the point that I want to buy a tablet Panasonic FZ-G1.
But apparently there is different spec. Some tablets are equipped with integrated GPS. Is this model suitable for AGopenGPS? I was wondering if the internal gps signal can make any trouble with the gps signal sent by AGopenGPS?
If someone have experience with that I am interested to know.

Not suitable for AOG, stick with the supported hardware :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.
Where do you know the supported hardware ?
I read this: tablet · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards Wiki · GitHub
But there is nothing mentioned about integrated GPS if I am right.

In terms of GPS, the F9P is the supported GPS hardware.

You can turn the GPS on the computer of (location services) and use a F9P antenna or similar. The computer will work with AOG. The internal GPS on the computer is not usable for AOG.

Yes, thank you, that was my idea, to turn off the internal gps and use AOG with the F9P.
I just wanted to make sure before I buy it, that if I buy a FZ-G1 with internal GPS, I can disable it, and make it work with my F9P.

Most of these things are in modules, so you could remove the module - but just disabling it at the hardware level will be fine if not. Even if not disabled, Teensy won’t be talking to it.

I personally don’t own a Panasonic, but Windows has that option to turn location off. I can’t see how the internal GPS is giving you problems. Even enabled AOG is looking for the GPS antenna on USB or WiFi.

Thank you! Then I am more confident with your feedback now.

So if I buy something like:


It should be fine for AOG?

I’d say yes. Maybe there are people here that run the same Toughpad. I personally use 11.6" Acer spins with AOG on USB and some one WiFi, they work just fine. The screen is a bit dark, that’s all.

I believe the Thoughpad you are looking at is listed on the AOG hardware page as well, right?

I’d get one that had built-in ethernet/LAN port for sure. Saves having to hope a USB adapter doesn’t fall out.

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My Getac tablet has an internal GPS receiver. The internal GPS receiver shows up under device manager as a COM port. In AgIO I can choose to connect to the internal GPS receiver if I want to, but I don’t want to so leave it all set to the default options which automatically connects to the F9P receiver on my All In One Board.

The internal GPS receiver won’t cause any trouble with the GPS signal sent by AgOpenGPS.

You can think of the internal GPS receiver as a USB dongle. Just because the USB dongle is plugged in, doesn’t mean you have to use it. It won’t bother anyhing, just leave it there and don’t use it.

I have tried to steer with the internal GPS receiver setup in AgIO just to see if it is possible. It is possible, but it is not good enough to use for anything besides maybe marking the location of a rock.

Internal GPS won’t negatively impact. I wouldn’t pay extra for the option though. It can be handy to have when initially playing with the software to have a position source available without needing to connect the hardware. Don’t expect to use it in production though.

I believe (?) FZ-G1 models with the internal GPS also tend to have cellular integrated and this can be really useful for NTRIP connections instead of tethering to the operators mobile phone data.

Do hunt for a vehicle dock. Gives you a rock solid mount and permanent connections for Ethernet power, cellular and Wi-Fi external antenna connections. You can usually get a tablet and dock package from eBay sellers.

Thank you for your answers! Exactly I don’t want to use the internal GPS for AOG, I will use the F9P, and now thanks to your feedback I know it is possible. I am going to order the tablet soon then!

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