Panasonic toughbook fz-g1

I want to buy a used PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK FZ-G1 with integrated GPS, the module is UBLOX, I am attaching photos of the integrated module.
I wanted to ask if anyone has experience on this tablet and if I can get an RTK fix with this built-in module.
Thank yous-l1600

That ublox is not rtk and only L1, but it makes me wonder if the die and i/o are similar enough to swap out.

It will be sbas only.

F9P is L1/L2 and RTK well worth the money.

thanks for the clarification, I had read this article which is a bit confusing …

Toughbook with built-in RTK-GNSS is an option for corporate users In addition, paid service is required

damm, would be great if we just buy the module and upgrade our FZG1 with F9p, would clearly simplify the wiring in the cab for simple GPS use and others…

Does the laptop have provision for external antenna?

If it does not you would have to mount the laptop where antenna is.

compatibilty pin-to-pin zed-f9p and neo-m8n is possibile?

Are you thinking of changing the actual u-blox module on the existing circuit board? Otherwise the pin-out would hardly matter. You could have a look at the hardware manual, all info available from the u-blox site. Anyway, the NEO has only 24 pins, F9P has 54.