Panda board trouble

Hey i am in the works of setting up a panda board.
I have the board assembled - I messed up on soldering the 6 ethernet connector pins. So i will try to run it over USB.
Trouble is, when i power up the board via. the usb type B the f9p gets 5V i can measure but doesent power up (no lights). So when i read the com of the teensy (by connecting micro usb to it) it keeps reading “swapping gps ports”?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I could mesure a little bit of continuity between 5v and gnd. But still read 5.11V
I am still waiting on my imu. But i am hoping to test it a little without it if this is possible.

disconnect tenshy and F9P from the board and connect with this diagram, F9P gets 3.3v and 5v
I do not know exactly it is done on the board because I have a simple connection from the diagram and via usb

What firmware did you load onto the Teensy? “Swapping GPS ports” is that the All-In-One firmware will say if there’s no GPS receiver connected.

EDIT: nevermind, looks like they take the same firmware? I wasn’t aware of that.

Did you load a configuration onto the F9P using U-Center? It should light up when it has power applied to it. If you remove the F9P from the board and plug a USB cable into the F9P, do you get lights then?

Firmware in the teensy is V4.1. I think i read somewhere that it would work.
The f9p lights up when it’s powered directly over micro usb (on power+gps). This is both on and off the board.
The F9p is configured to vers. 1.13

I guess, you need an external power supply, usb only, doesn’t work!

So connect the 12v? I just read that it could damage my pc to have usb and 12v connected at the same time?

If you want to use usb and not UDP, then do the cut.