Pass to pass is off?

Lets start off with some contex to give you an idea of my issue. I’m currently running AgOpen 5.7.2 and have a all in one board and micro f9p on it. Also running my own base station. All settings are centered except that i had to nudge my A-B every other round. The disc is 18’11" and im running it as an 18’ so 5" of overlap each way. Down and back is fine but once i make the second turn to back down again, my track is off by around 2ft or so? What is the issue. Yes my antenna is centered on the tractor and in AOG. I had a similar issue with my planter but was able to correct it with a 6 inch offset. Really i shouldn’t need to though since it is pulling centered. Any help would be great. Thanks

I am assuming that your tractor shows ~0" offline.

Get your tractor lined up on a line with 0" xte, stop, and drop some kind of marker underneath your drawbar pin. Turn around on the same line, stop in the same position (facing the other way now), and compare position. It should be bang on. If it’s bang on then your tractor is operating in the way that you expect.

I have a Salford disc around that size or maybe a hair bigger and it does not pull anywhere close to center and it will wiggle around sideways as you go. It needs a big offset and even when the tractor is all 0" XTE, it doesn’t look very straight because of the wiggles.

If you get a tape measure out you’ll probably find that you need to drop your implement width about a foot.

Interessting thing to note, I know a couple of aftermarket GPS systems that have a center offset. So you can correct for the antenna position being slightly of center from the tractor. Works pretty well.

AOG has that setting as well. However in this case it seems the implement is pulling off the centre line and this should not be fixed by antenna offset but rather by implement offset and/or overlap.

I am having a hard time thinking it is pulling that out of straight. I need to nudge the line around 3 feet but again only on every other pass. I will get out today to see if it lines back up after a u turn and a turn around. Thanks so far.

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If your tool is set to 18’, you’re happy with the overlap on one pass, but need to shift 3’ on the second pass then your implement width is set too wide.

You’re coming up short 3’ every 2 passes. Decrease your implement width by 3/2=18”.

Then fine tune the left/right offset. I think it will come out to about 9”.

Thanks everyone. After playing with the settings some more i relized even though the disc is 18’11" I needed more than just 6" of overlap. I went to a 24" overlap and had to put a 4" offset on it as well.

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