Pcb help

Hello all,

I’m in need of some help…i know…i know…i sound needy. I downloaded the v2.4 Gerber file. I ordered the board from jclpcb. This is what I got. I have all the component I believe… Please look at picture…I have a few questions.

  1. On the imu bno085 what are the two 4 pin connections on the end (yellow lines in the bottom picture)

  2. Where does the wheel angle sensor wires go to

  3. There are two capacitors missing (1000uf) I have them do I need to solder them in?

  4. Where does the harness (blue circle) get wired too?

  5. What goes in the blue circle?

Does anybody have this board? Can they send a picture of it wired up?

Thank you so much for any help. I really want to get this project up and running. I’m just stuck.

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Cant help on all your questions but you can ignore the bno connectors they replicate the solder pins.
Wheel angle sensor is on the 23 pin Amp connector

Thank you so much!!!

  1. Ignore those connector, they are not used.
  2. You need to solder a 23 pin ampseal socket to the board, the WAS will use pins 1,2 and 4.
  3. Yes.
  4. You don’t use the QWIC connector, the Cytron should have 3 pins soldered on that end to mount inthe header pins.
  5. I see a Green circle? That needs Voltage regualtors.


Thank you so much for the incredible help!
I feel like an idiot for putting that F9p board on the wrong side! So glad I put headers in and didn’t solder it hard and fast.

I have a question for you regarding the pin layout for the WAS.
There are 3 wires on the pigtail. Red, blue, and yellow. Can you tell me which wire goes to each pin? Is red pin 1 yellow pin 2 and blue (ground) pin 4?

I don’t know what WAS you have, but I’d guess Red pin 1, Blue pin 2 and Yellow pin 4.

I have the following from a land rover height sensor.
land rover height sensor pigtail

Also, which voltage regulator goes where? Sorry let me be more clear. Which one is the 3.3 v and which one is the 5v

Have a read of this, might help

This is so valuable and I can’t even imagine the time and wealth of knowledge that went into this. Thank you all who contributed!

Need to see other side of plug, but my guess I think is correct.