PCB mount location

I’m trying to figure out where to mount my AIO, and am not sure if it will fit into the cab of my combine. Is is common/ safe to mount it outside, maybe under the cab or something? What is commonly recommended?

If it helps, I’m mounting it on a Claas Lexion 480

You can mount it out of the cab but you are going to need to weather proof it somehow. Preferably in an enclosure with an IP rating of at least IP67. Eventually I think it would be pretty cool to have an AIO board with all of the connectors rated to IP67 or higher, that way you could put it in a case and be completely weatherproof.

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I’d say it depends on your setup. If you use a wheel motor then inside the cab might not be a a bad choice. In the right hand console is plenty of room once you flip it up. Or under the cebis display. Thats dead space as well.

If you use a hydraulic valve, outside the cab with WiFi would be nice.

The central electric is pretty full as it is.

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This Ford tractor has the AIO PCB in an ip67 enclosure on the roof, mounted on the same bracket as dual antennae, makes moving between machines easy.

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