PCB placement

Looking for ideas on where to mount my PCB. I was thinking of either centre at front of the ceiling where I can mount it on my roof window handle or on the right hand door frame where there are some existing holes.

Id probably mount it under my right console, therefore I don’t need long wires for the buttons etc.

Is the position of the BNO and MMA not important?

I want to use the cmps14, so therefore I have to mount it somewhere else than the PCB, which means I can mount my PCB wherever I want.

MMA needs to work horizontally, then you select x-axis or y-axis, depending on the installation orientation with respect to the direction of advance. The axis selected for roll must be perpendicular to the axis of advance of the tractor.

If you are referring to the old bno and mma, please see that they can be replaced with one unit. Read about them in bno085 and cmps14 threads.

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I have already completed the project. Just doing the finishing touches. I noticed a while a go people were talking about mounting the MMA on the roof. So I wondered if people had any experience.

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Nice to hear about one more working system :slight_smile:
I just replaced my old mma with a bno085, it is in same box as f9p and PCB, just wires from PCB to bno085. working good for roll and heading.
Place box in any direction, as long as you mount bno085 with correct direction in the box.
Off course you also use correct ino.

Hello Larsvest, I will use BNO080 from sparkfun, but I do not know which ino to use, can you give a link (usb) which ino you used. Best regards.

There is still no USB version for INO BnO08x, in the next version there will be (4.6.20), in 4.3.10 you have two choices to connect, by PCA9615 or by short wires.

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I don´t think Math would agree with that :slight_smile:

It has been on github for some time, with good description as well for both bno085 and bno080


Thanks, I uploaded it. It looks like it is working. It says define calibration: 0, I have to ask Math what to do.

just set define calibration to 2 in the ino, instead of the 0

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No USB connection. This INO is for connect it direct to PCB. In 4.6.20 you can put a extra nano with ino for your IMU and connect this by USB. Don’t need INO for IMU in nano of PCB.

I think I explained it wrong.

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Ahh! Direct USB to AOG, to achieve faster input to AOG. That way AOG only waits for steer input from PCB v2 (or other PCB version)
But I am looking forward to see the testing / comparing BNO signal via direct USB/UDP to AOG and the little slower BNO over PCB v2 ino to AOG.
Especially with the new V4.6 which runs even faster on PC.
Will the heading be much different in those two conditions?.
I believe the 4.6 INO you are working on right now, is faster than the uncleaned version for BNO085 I use at the moment.