Pinout/cytron question

Running v4 board with newest release software. I have used wiki to wire my ampseal plug and using pin 7 to activate a Bosch 30a relay to run my hydraulic valve cut off but I’m getting voltage out of the signal wire(pin 7) when the board is not powered on but plugged in to my 12v outlet. Wondering if I missed a jumper or trace I have to cut for that to not be putting out voltage at inappropriate times? I’m powering the whole system thru a 3 port 12v outlet that is directly to battery. It has a switch to turn on and off. If my pcb is plugged into the power source without it (pcb or 12v outlets) being turned on I get voltage out of pin 7. I feel like I missed something somewhere regarding the use of that pin.

There is nothing that needs to be done with jumpers or traces, pin 7 should only activate when you engage steering, pretty simple. What do you mean by plugged in but not powered on? If there is power going to pin 22 the board is on. If I am understanding what you said correctly you have a switch installed, but when the switch is turned off you still get power going through the switch and going out of pin 7 for some reason, even though the LED lights on the board are off? Or did I misunderstand your issue?