Planting with very slow speed - AB Line is "freezing"

After changing from V3.9 to 4.31 I tried to plant salat yesterday at 0,2 km/h. On the screen everything looked wonderful, constant 1cm distance from AB line. In real the tractor left AB line for more than 50cm. I had everything: RTK fix, speed shown in AGO 0,2km/h, wheel angel and in Settings/modul config Speed from 0-20 km/h. When I drove a little bit faster, ca 0,5 km/h, people on palntig machine were shouting but “freezing” was over and the real distance to AB Line was shown on tablet. Knows anybody whats going on? It seems the min speed is at ca 0,5km/h. How can I change?
Greets from Goldburghausen

There is a speed minimum of 0.6k IIRC in the main code. Somewhere on here it was discussed and what to alter it in the code.

It’s on the telegram group.

Very easy solution: Tree Planning - #125 by KentStuff
download this version from KentStuff and set fix 2 fix to 0.5
there is also a kalman filter in the heading that you can disable in option if you want.
You can set fix to fix even lower, like 0.1 , it is perfect for planting veggies if don’t have dual antenna setup.

AOG-Tree is a work in progress. The slow speed limit is to help prevent the low resolution GPS from showing the tractor going a different direction each GPS fix. The speed reduction setting was placed in this program to ease up to a point, or if over shoot to back up. But you are correct that it is able to update its position at slower speeds.

Thanks yoau all! will try the AOG Tree. This seems to be a simple solution. I think to make changings in the main code is nothing for a simple farmer :smiley:

Here is one without all the Tree, Filter, Reverse etc.

Same as Brian’s just with an adjustable minimum speed. And modified the U-turn distance to be adjustable to the 0.1 precision.

It is in the Display settings because that is an easy place to put it (code wise.) I believe Brian was going to put it in the Steer settings, but not sure.

Wow! What a friendly and active groupe here. I´m totally surprised!

Tried the smallstep version. Runs very well to 0.3 kph, at lower speed it is jumping cuz GPS speed it not constant, I guess. GPS Speed is jumping from 0,2 to 0,0 at constant speed of 0,2 . I set min speed to the lowest, 0,1.
Is it possible to allow 0,0 as min speed? Or does this cause trouble?
There will not be much steering action, I will set the tractor aon AB line with higher speed, the only he should do, is to hold AB Line while planting

Go to data settings. Set the heading to GPS not fix. This works better on my cheap GPS. Fix to fix on mine would move along lat and long independently. Lat would update then long. That would set the heading 90, 180, 270, or 360. When I was not going either of these directions. On the GPS setting, this did not happen. However, going that slow, the GPS, is hitting all around you and in all directions. Even a 1 centimeter precision is one cm in all directions. So sitting still, is not sitting still. The filters and minimum speeds force it not to pick up those small changes, but can be extremely wild direction changes. The less accurate the GPS, the higher minimum speed needed.

Speed is distance divided by time. 1 cm in 1 sec, barely moving, however 1cm in 1/5 sec is bumping your 0.2. My rambling brings me to the conclusion that we may only need to read the GPS less often when driving slow. Which is kinda what the fix to fix does. Just upside down.

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Hmm. Planting veggies is what I’m preparing for… What’s the status on AOG5? Still a lower limit on 0,6 hmph? Is dual gps a better option than IMU when going this show?

We had the problem last year, that we were not able to get under 0.6 km/h.
To solve it I installed MicrOpenGps from KentStuff this winter. I have not yet planted with it, but I have made some testruns with it, and it works really well when going 0.3 - 0.4 km/h.

Are you using single GPS + IMU och Dual GPS? If this is solved by using Dual GPS, one could wish that it would be implemented in the main version of AOG…

Single GPS and cmps14.

You must excuse asking allot of question but I’m choosing between one or two gps units. Kenstuff, you write as if there was a way to set Speed in the original version of the program. I can find a steer setting allowing you to set 0.5 kmph if you use single gps but if you select dual gps this setting is greyed out. Does this mean there is no lower speed limit in aog5.4.5 if you are running dual gps?

I can’t answer your question. The minimum speed is to keep the heading true. Duel has no issues with heading, so it may not matter.

Maybe silly question: but how did you install the microOpen GPS. Can´t find a .exe or installer. Sure, this is more a general question from a simple farmer.

I tried it with the microOpen GPS dot 2. Theres the source code only.

This is the last full version that was uploaded. It has the exe files in it.

Sorry for taking such a long time to reply. I use the one thats called MicrOpenGPS-5.2-main, Im quite sure its this one: GitHub - KentStuff/MicroOpenGPS5dot2
I have just installed it on another tractor with single GPS and CMPS 14. Very happy with the result, good straight steering from 0.3 km/h to 5km/h witch is where we do most of our work.
@KentStuff I appreciate your work on this version, and wondering if you will make a MicrOpenGPS version of the new 5.5 release.

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I keep hearing hints of V6. I may wait till then. Glad it worked for you.

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I upgraded my CMPS14 setup to a dual antenna RTK3B Ardusimple setup - it´s like night and day. Down to 0.3 km/h the cmps 14 was good, but than it was somtimes struggeling. With the dual setup it is superstable from 0.1 km/h. But , and thats why I´m writing here, this RTK3B stuff dont works with the 5.2 Smallstep version, communication problem. I testetd with the normal V5.4 and works very fine. If you choose “dual” there is no slow speed filter. And another thing: use the original windows driver not the septentrio driver. It won´t work. the septentrio driver is only necessary for config of the board

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