Plug and play

If one had limited computer knowledge and purchased all the items needed for rtk and autosteer from the like of
Would it be just a matter of just connecting all these items up to your computer running aop
Would the all have to configured with IP address codes etc to get them to work is there a lot to the look ahead steering angle settings etc just want autosteer no need for headland turns

There is a bit involved in setting everything up. Youtube and the posts on here are your friend though.

You can definitely buy it pre-made and just install it BUT…
I have no electronic or computer skills but I found that making it from scratch was really easy and just about every question you can think of has already been asked and answered on this forum just waiting for you to search and read it! Making it gives you a better understanding of how it all works, so if and when things don’t quite work the way they are supposed to, you’ll probably be able to work it out yourself. Plus once your driving around with the system you MADE yourself, you will want to add section control for your sprayer or control for something else and you will be able to add it quickly and easily.
This is probably the most polite and no nonsense forum on the internet.
And it will save you $$$$. The only downside is it’s more addictive than heroin. :+1:


I agree with that, i think it is same as a drug…
Since i subscribe to agopen forum i can’t leave it more three days…
i started with many pieces to have a light bar (in april) and i will finish in few days with autosteer rtk, i have to fix wheel angle sensor and to enter some parameters and to test it.
The job need to read most of the post to anderstand how it run, what is necessary and what did you expect.There are so many evolutions since starting operate.
It’s very difficult to stock a lot of pieces that it need, to buy all off these i must contact 6 dealers in france usa germany china.
It is a challenge for must off us and now we know how it works.may be you will need some help …
No problem Farmers (and other) help Farmers…
Don’t worry you will be happy…


Hi, I’m addicted to AGOPENGPS. I’m getting better because I can admit it now. No, really I’m not getting any better, just get worse, and worse.


:rofl: :joy:
Hi, I’m Matt. I have not used AoG now for 1 day but I keep checking this forum 3-5 times a day.


Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is wonderful at helping out. As said, building it does definitely give you an advantage to later troubleshooting and improving. Building it may not interest you. Either way it’s a win win whether you purchase pre built, or build it yourself. LMAO yes it is addicting!

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