Plugin PCB board teensy for old board with Nano


Just as idea for old PCB board

Is there any work to do a PCB board that we can plug instead of Nano ( and other plug or power) to our old PCB v2 or Kaupoï board like a sandwich?

This board will be power by teensy and can wear F9P board, can bus, ethernet … but other component that use on the board can be use like Cytron ADS … Power supply

Just use my Panda gga over udp .ino

You build a little box to hold the teensy and bno, plug it into the switch, send gga over udp.

Remove the bno from the v2 board.

And boom your v2 has panda, aog acts like a industrial distributed control system (DCS)
The v2 becomes a input output card, the teensy does the panda heavy lifting.

The power of udp is any device listening on the network can read the data, but only the devices with active inputs can write the data.


One thing i need to change is currently gga is on port 2244

But it should be
Gps1 2211
Gps2 2222
Rtcm3 2233
Ubx2 2244

I have made some hats for v2/kaupoi boards last winter.
I have used one with ethernet all year long.

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hello Pat

thanks  a lot  this   is   really  what   i m  thinking  

( and i forget this post )

What if my tablet doesn’t have an ethernet port? How to equip a V2 with PANDA?

You could use a USB to Ethernet adapter.