Princess Auto Wheel angle sensor

Last week I was spraying some tall wheat and the arm broke off my Princess Auto wheel angle sensor. I have tried to order a few more but they no longer will ship online orders to the US. I spent a long time on hold trying to phone in an order before I got disconnected.
I would like to get another one of the princess auto sensors so I don’t have to make a new mount.
Would anyone have an extra they would be willing to sell and send to me? Or know what the GM part number is so I can find it from another source?

A search could bring this up, if it looks right?

SKU: 8735755

Thanks but I was able to locate it on their website they just won’t ship online orders to the USA any more, and I can’t get through on the phone. Was hoping to find the same one somewhere in the US

Sorry I didn´t notice they were located in Canada

Maybe this is the number

GM OEM Headlamp Control Leveling Sensor PN#20984248 By General Motors

This link is for picture (out of stock)

It seem that PrincessAuto is clearing their stock of this sensor. Now 3$, probably not many left.

@KeithH Do you still need one or more? I have 25 on order, but their site still shows more in stock. No idea what shipping would be from here (Winkler MB Canada) but I can ship you some.

If anyone is curious. This sensor can operate at 4-6.5V input voltage, it’s output is 0.2-4.5V at 5V and it’s output is proportional to input voltage. It’s range of motion is slightly over 90 degrees and the output voltage changes on the full range of motion. It looks like a variable capacitive or inductive sensor?

The assembly

The passive moving part/arm.

The active/powered sensor.

The back of the powered sensor.


Hi m_elias, do you still have extra Wheel Angle sensors? I tried ordering from Princess Auto last week, but apparently I just missed out. Website said they had 3 left when I ordered, but the next day them emailed me cancelling the order because they had not stock left.

Yes I do, how many do you want?

Hi @m_elias do you still have princess auto sensors available? Gathering parts for a 2 installs if you have 1 or 2 I’d take them. I am close to Blumenort,MB

I have several extra. I’m in the Winkler area, I’ll pm you.

i need also 2 sensor if you have left over

Does anyone know what connector this sensor uses? It’s for a Camaro ride height sensor or some GM headlight cover sensor.

WAS connector 2

This can be.

Are these what’s called superseal connectors? I have tried them, the sensor’s pins are too narrow, but it does work to spread them enough to eventually force the plug in.

The cheapest way to have that connector is going to a junkyard and cut out one from a car, at least is the way that worked for me.

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Hi, I am in British Columbia, do you still have any princess auto angle sensors still available? Need 1, would buy 2 or 3 if you have more available.

This connector fits with a little modification on the sensor.

Cut off these two tabs

With pre crimped wires

No wires included

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This looks like a better price for the pre-crimped with wires