Princess Auto Wheel angle sensor

Princess Auto have a new sensor!
Maybe it’s the same.
But 15$ now


Looks like the same sensor but different bracket.

For all Canadians!

The sensors are for sale right now! 7.50 CAD

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What are you all using for the last ball joint link on the wheel angle sensor?

I use a delphi sensor and I use another ball joint like these

Thank you!

Princess auto sensors need an 8mm or 5/16 ball.
Actual dimension is .311" or 7.9 mm

The tread is M6x1.00

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Can you find one on Aliexpress? It looks like most are 10mm for gas struts. It might be easier to buy another size with the socket and just join it to half of the Princess Auto linkage.

I just 3d printed the ball, been working on my STX440 and I put over 200 hours on it so far

I ordered spare WAS from Princess auto at 7.50$ each… it costs a bit more then buying 8mm stud balls separately, and gives me extra sensors in case some break and I plan on using the studs off those for my installs.

I have a few Princess auto wheel angle sensors for sale in Iowa. I had a nice Canadian ship them here. Cost will be $20 + shipping.

For all Canadians
Princess Auto is clearing their stock, 3.85$ each!


Wow is there a Canadian in forum that would ship to US?

Princess auto will ship to the US, but might not be economical.