Problem CMPS14

Hi all,

After the GPS set was stolen i am building a new pcb. v2

I encounter a problem with my cmps14. The led on the cmps14 only lights up 1 time and there is no reading.
Power supply is 3.25 V same as old board.

Any on have had this problem?

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As far as I know, CMPS14 needs min 3.3 - 5 V., could it be because of that?

Hi Whiterose,

I tried 3.3 , 3.5 to 4.9 V but still noting. Now i fail to remember if led should be on all the time. But every ino i try… no result!

Now I gave 3.3 volts to my cmps, when energized, the led blinks once.

There is a test code here, you can test and calibrate just by installing cmps with this code.

Thank you will try this and post result

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Thats sad to hear, people seem steal anything lately.

Thats sad to hear.

From that perspective having separate modules is good if you hide your IMU somewhere, common thief will have no idea that it exist 100$ saved, if with panda module F9P is with IMU hidden somewhere then PCB box can be left in view as bait with relatively cheap pcb with low resell value.

Or in high crime areas all in one PCB box glued to back of the tablet and taken evry time that vehicle is parked.

Yes really sad, and try to find a new cmps14 or bno…:unamused:. Well inserted a track and trace in pcb with acoustic alarm. So.when try they deaf and i can follow.

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Does it work if you press the reset button on the nano? From memory the cmps led only flashes once on startup

No think rx and tx are dead