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Hi guys, still new to AOG and getting used to everything (using ver6.3.2). I was wondering if there was an info box or something similar that could be shown on the main screen while applying products (spray, seed etc) that gives some product status stats. I see that there is a pop out for the paddock info which shows the total area of the boundary and counts down the hectares as the coverage is applied - so maybe just an extension to that?

Basically I would just like a pop up box (or extension to the paddock info pop up) that I can press ‘Tank Filled’ which sets the tank product corresponding to the machine being used to full (or a ‘full’ set point), and have it count down as I apply coverage area to the map on the main AOG screen - so I will know when to get out and check on when to fill the tank (having it use all the dimesions from the machine set up page and a manually input product application rate). Then when I fill the tank, I can reset it and watch it count down again. Then could possibly have a ‘hectare until fill’ or ‘time until fill’ stat as well for convenience.

Thanks everyone, and sorry in advance if this already exists.

You know the exact number of liters/ha or gallons/acre? You have a flowmeter?

No not at the moment - my machinery is quite old and I’m currently in the process of deciding if I can try to retrofit some live metering.

After calibrating the machinery (sprayer, seeder, spreader) I have a measured static rate (from manually weighing after a known area applied) that I would like to manually set in AOG. This doesn’t need to be exactly perfect for my needs - just would be good to have as a reminder of when my tank is getting low and be ready to fill up.

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Have you looked at the rate control application?

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Thanks Davidwedel,

I just had a look at the rate control app and it looks exaclty like what I want! I’ll have a deeper look into the thread in the morning, thank you very much.

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@Davidwedel the rate controller is exactly what I am looking for, but do you know if there is a way to have it running in a manual mode? None of the counters move while I am running, it seems like it needs the modules attached for the program to be working properly? The ‘Mod’ inidicator is staying red on the main screen, while ‘AOG’ is turning green.

I don’t know that. I’m guessing that it has to receive the current rate from a module.

I have thought that would be a great feature too. Even multiple resettable acre counters would be handy. My planter monitor has three acre counters that can be paused and reset independently of each other. I can use one to keep track of how much seed I’ve planted and another to keep track of fertilizer.

AOG has the little surface/distance counter in the upper left corner that you reset when pressing it.

I use this to guess how much product is left.


It does need a module. Possibly it could have a virtual module. It would need to know the expected application rate at a certain speed. The quantity applied could then be calculated without need for a flowmeter.

The rate controller is way overkill here.
You need 2 user fillable boxes and 1 button. Tank size, rate, and reset.
Get Ha worked from AOG, multiply by rate and then subtract from tank size to show tank remaining.
When you fill, press reset.
Could write with python and AI in no time if I knew how to get HA out of AOG haha

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Thanks for the reply - this is pretty much what I would be expecting! I don’t have the skills to work this out, but could I raise this somewhere on the discourse forum to be a feature in the future?

What are HA? It’s not so easy as you suggest.

Hectares. Or acres would be the same. Just the area worked, which is already displayed on screen

I found that when you open field.kml from documents/agopengps/fields/fieldname/field.kml with google earth you can see each pass you worked and measure its area, its somehow stored in same folder under name sections.txt but its filled with a lot of numbers that I can’t decode or understand how they work…

You just did. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bytes 5 and 6 of the autosteer pgn will give you speed in kmh X 10.

What do you press on to reset it? I was trying to do that but never figured out how.

Press the numbers.

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