Purchasing a new IMU

Can anyone suggest where to purchase an IMU for V5. I have been looking around for a while and stocks all seem to be sold out.

Only 4 left.

The Adafruit board is out of stock. That’s why @pj_05 is posting. Most places are out of stock.

You have it on aliexpress.
I bought from there.
About 20$ with shipment.

Perfect, thank you

Any news ?

I found nothing

Seems to be a real shortage of imu units. That said I’ve just had an order update from mouser on an adafruit bno085 that was on backorder from April which is now saying 14th June for dispatch. Fingers crossed! Has anyone had any luck finding either a bno085 or cmps14 in the UK?

I have checked probably daily for months for a BNO080 in the U.K. and there are none. Last summer I bought two from AliExpress for £17 each. In February this year, having checked with over 10 suppliers, the cheapest I could find were £54 direct from China. I left it thinking the price would fall and because Mouser were expecting 1,000 units, as were other U.K. retailers.

They got none.

I checked with the Chinese suppliers again and only one was now able to secure any stock: 50 remaining and they were now over £100 each. I bought two to tide me and another member over until they come back into stock again.

Checked with a Bulgarian robotics specialist who buys a lot of hardware and he cannot find any either, so it’s not just a U.K. issue.

If you find any, please post details. I simply cannot find them, the whole global supply seems to have dried up.

I wonder if someone could add support for the old imu in the new software. Or any alternative imu?


Currently testing this one:

Was in stock while back. Has BNO080 on it. Just take some precautions, soldering holes are half hole, runs on 3.3V so might need level shifter. BNO from adafruit or cmps are friendlier to use for beginners I suppose

For Europe still available at top electronics, price 86 € includes shipping and tax. Fsm300 is almost identical to the other bno08x, because it also use the Hillcrest program to create output (game rotation vector)

Does it work ok?

Initial testing seems ok, have not yet tested on field.

Any updates on where to buy one. I’d like to have a couple spare at this point.

Yesterday Adafruit had ~50 in the morning and had 200 more in stock later in the afternoon. ~50 sold out in an hour and ~200 sold out in a couple hours.

You can sign up for the email notification on adafruit.

Mouser is supposed to have some in stock in October.

Tilt Compensated Magnetic Compass (CMPS14) - RobotShop Already available to order

I’m a little out the loop, is there any difference between the bno085 and cmps14?