PWM settings for heavy/stiff steering machine

I have a tractor with a somewhat harder to turn (than a regular tractor’s) steering wheel and I use a 24V Phidgets electric motor (at 24V) with PotatoFarmer’s gears for auto steer (with AOG 5.7.2). So far it works best for me with these PWM settings:

  • Proportional Gain: 51
  • Maximum Limit: 254 (max value)
  • Minimum to Move: 100 (max value)

Are these settings reasonable in my situation? Isn’t the maxed out values indicate that something is not correctly set?

If it turns at the minimum, 100, then you’re good, I wouldn’t worry about it. You can watch the actual PWM output in the steer panel if you want to see what’s going on

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