Rasberry pie 4

Hey everyone,
Is it possible to use a Rasberry pie 4 as PC hardware for AgopenGPS? How much CPU power needs this programm? How much RAM is required? Thanks for answers.

No. It only runs on Windows.

I think windows can be installed on this device.

You have to use a window computer. Even the new Microsoft surface X maybe don’t work since it’s ARM-powered.
I don’t think you can install windows on pi4, only the older(maybe).

Maybe this interest you: AOG Unity port for Android - #7 by KolDon

The Rasberry pie would use windows 10 so i can install it and use, but i don’t know if the CPU is strong enought. Do you have any lags or do you regozines that you need much power for AGopen?

Dual Core 1.5 GHz
I have a PI 4 with 4 GB of RAM, but I never put Windows on it, do you have a Windows version for the PI? I can try, I guess.

How to install Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 4. WOR episode 19 - YouTube Thats a toutorial to install Windows 10 on a pie 4.

Quad core isn’t it? Even the Pi 2 was quad core!

You are right 4 cores, but apparently Windows 10 has a lot of lag in a Pi4, I don’t think it will go smoothly, it will be a matter of testing, it would be much more compact and simple to put everything in a Raspy.

Didn’t Brian replace the x86-only OpenGL library he was using? It may well run on Windows ARM. Although I think the Surface X limits you to using apps from the store or signed apps only.

What do you mean with put everything in a Raspy?

@torriem Ok, I don’t really know for AOG on ARM.
I was just assuming a Surface X with ARM core is no more a real computer since it can have trouble running some 32bit programs (and AOG is a 32bit program?).

But I have some bias against tablet and cell phone used as “computer” :wink:
I still like my old computer running on Windows7, and tolerate Windows10.

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Except for native libraries that a dotnet app depends on, I don’t think there’s really such thing as a 32-bit or 64-bit dotnet application. AOG depends on several libraries but they are all themselves dotnet assemblies. Things like OpenTK ultimately depend on opengl.dll, which will be 32 or 64-bit depending on the platform. If the Surface X can run programs downloaded from the internet, AOG may well run on it. I think MS has locked down Windows on ARM a bit though. A real shame, though. Apple’s M1 processor shows what ARM can do. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t think of ARM as an equal platform to Intel.

Modern smart phones are pretty impressive computers, but mediocre phones.

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So is it possible to run AGopenGPS on a Rasberry pie 4?

Short answer, no, it is not. A complicated subject. Long answer, yes, sort of, with large caveats.

The caveats have to do with the WinForms GUI library used on Windows. It’s not part of the dotnet core cross-platform system, as it is a thin abstraction layer over the native Windows API. For the most part this means WinForms is Windows-only.

Except for some non-essential webcam support in AOG, WinForms is the only thing that prevents AOG from running on Linux in general. But that’s a bit like saying the only thing that prevents an engine from running on diesel fuel is the compression ratio.


If your question was can you run AOG on Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi, the answer to that is, probably, maybe? Worth trying.

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I’m new here, but i follow the agopengps project from many times.

Recently have as gift, a Raspberry pi 4 and i try to run on it QtAgOpenGPS.

I make it and seems to run

Sorry for my bad english

Can you create a video with the steps you followed?

…remembering that QtAgOpenGPS is more a proof of concept rather than a usable system.

…if w10 will run properly on the pi4 then obviously the main AOG release could run on it.

I only have early pi’s at the moment unfortunately.


It does seem sacrilege to put bloody windows on such a great little development device!